Roadhog needs balance changes

Roadhog is the strongest hero in the game (in other words completly broken), and yet has not received any kinds of balance changes. In one of the latest patches they nerfed doom which was needed but left hog untouched.

I believe that comp should be to faceoff with other players and see which team is better. I also agree with picking counters and making the game dynamic. But here comes the problem hogs only strong counter is Ana. So Kiriko is the solution to all of the hogs counters. Not even mentioning their ults.

As a tank player in my experience: dominating the enemies, your team superior to the enemy team… Oh too bad they just lock in hog, Kiriko and win. U may say just pick Orisa, it does not help, u counter hog yes, but enemy hog gets picks, oneshoot kills and you dont. To not lose to a worse team/player the only answer is picking roadhog yourself.

I have no respect for people that are clearly worse than me and my team and than get carried by an overpowered hero (this statement also goes for Ramattra - a little bit overbuffed). I respect every good player on any hero, if they are better than me i gladly lose. Oh the enemy wrecking ball is destroying us, damn hes good… What can we do better, oh we need more pell for the supports, here there this and that not just f lock hog ez.

-remove oneshoot capability, making hog more of a displacement hero, hook your enemies into your team to finish them with your teammates and not by yourself - flankig to get an early pick
-introducing hero bans for competitive

He is getting nerfed in a few weeks, and reworked soon after that.

The ability to one shot is confirmed to be going though.

But I feel you. Anyone whos playing tank, then swaps to Hog loses all respect from me. At that point I just go Orissa and stop them from playing the game.