Roadhogs are far too tanky


As the title says, they’re far too tanky that can survive any Ult.


Technically Reinhardt can survive most ultimates too while protecting himself and others with his shield.


Not really true. Wheel can go behind, reaper can bypass his shield up close, etc. Roadhog uses his heal and he literally turns into godmode.


Riptire can blow up a Roadhog if he doesn’t press E. Alternatively it can bait him to start healing then bypass him and blow up something else. Or simply not bother with him at all as it should. Reinhardt can destroy it with a single move.

Reaper can move but so can Reinhardt during the ultimate. Meanwhile Roadhog has to hook him, otherwise he is only saving himself and letting the team around him be slaughtered.


Roadhog gives no utility to a team. Might as well be moved to the DPS corner.
Rein gives the best utility.
Hogs ult is meh.
Reins ult is win every team fight or stop the other team from using more then 1 ult.
Hogs ult needs 2000 ult points.
Reins ult is 1350 ult points.
I’ll take a Rein in my team over a hog any day of the week.
Hog is ment to be a “couter” to rein. But when its Rine Zarya his nothing.
You can CC or nade hog from healing. Making him a 600 hp no armor punching bag/ult charge dispenser.


A DPS main who complains how one of the weakest heroes in the game is too strong. Now where have I heard that one before?


So, because a Roadhog who is essentially an Ult battery, can survive an ult, means he is too tanky?

Hell, remove his only tanky element and make him a DPS.


Funny, I’m a tank main.



Yep, the person whose 5 most played heroes are DPS is a tank main…

And Wicked again denying the statistics, as usual.^^


His a Dps QP player that plays tank in comp since it wins more. Not so hard to get.
A lot of people are like that… Including me.


As a Hog main, ama finna say NO


When you look at someone’s profile you always take into consideration their competitive record first because it is the most recent information regarding what they are playing. QP info can be years old. Like I could have played 30 hours of Hanzo in QP in 2016 and he may appear as my most played in QP but then I pick tanks/supports in competitive which is at most a month old…


Doesn’t make him a tank main though, just an opportunist. Your main is what you play well, not what you play when you fill. It’s what you play by choice, not by force.


There is a difference between filling/flexing something and mainly using that in rank.
Over all my accounts i have 700+h on Ana and more then 1000 on Widow.
This last tree seasons i’v play’d no more then 20-30h on Widow…
I sure do feel like a Widow main…


Just look at his stats:
a) Last time he played a tank in QP was a month ago.
b) Most played heroes in QP (5 on top) are all DPS.
c) Most played heroes in CP (overall, not just one season) is Junkrat.

Because if next season I were to play 10 placements on Widow and nothing else, that wouldn’t make me a Widow main. It would according to you, but obviously not in the realm of sanity.


Mainly Rank matters thou.
Since in rank you play the things you are most comfortable with or the stuff that gives you the best chance at wining.
I do tryhard in QP but most people play there for fun or just pick a dps because the team is 5 dps at that point. And we all know how team comps like that will do…


What you play recently matters. Because you can actually quantify it. All you can do for QP is look at data which might as well be years old.


Sure thing kids, good to know. I just finished a game as Tracer, so now I’m a Tracer main. Thanks for letting me know.


One game doesn’t mean anything.
But if you mainly play’d Tracer this last season it matters.
I have 1000h on Widow so i must be a Widow main for life…