Roadhogs are far too tanky


If you go to a job in a different field and work there, lets say for a month, when others ask you what you are doing are you going to say you are working your old job because you have more hours on it historically?


1st for me your not a tank main but a one trick.
So if someone playd tank mainly this season his not maining tank?
Like the last time i was a Widow one trick was in season 8…
Looking at the guy at question.
This season he has 8h on Rein and 2h on junk rat.
At what point will you not play your main more and play something else x4 times more?
And my account is from beta…
I love how the time i spend on widow at that time is still relevant when widow herself is nothing like she was at that time nor is the game the same.
People change so does the game, and it takes a lot of time to catch up the time they spent on something.


You denying the COMPETITIVE statistics? You may want to look instead of Quickplay…

I main TANK in comp, and my main DPS is Junkrat, If there are already 2 tanks chosen, I’m not going to be a third tank am I. Also my main healer is Moira, again, only if the others are chosen, but Rein has always been my first pick, hence the time I’ve played on him?


So when you finish a college education in your field, but you’re in between jobs so you do a month as a janitor, just to earn some extra money, at your next job interview you will advertise as being a janitor? Sound logic.


When you clearly spend most of your time in QP, obviously I will value your QP stats higher, especially with CP stats only showing the short term aspects that have a really small sample size.


Yep, I’m a one trick with my 30-50 hours on 4 different heroes… I get that you don’t see many stats on this site, but you see enough to disprove everything you say. As always.^^


You are implying that

a) the OP is tanking on the side because he has to and not because he likes doing it even though he considers himself a tank main and that means he likes what he is doing

b) the hours he has accumulated in different environments and metas define him more than the hours he spends playing now

See, both of these are wrong and you are trying to sell them like they are the truth.


You 2 should have your own sub forum section where you can dispute to the ends of the earth :smiley:


I believe that is what we call “the point”.


You have close to 4h on this season woah your such a tank player…
I have more time on tank then you this last seasons…


I only MAINLY do competitive when playing with my friend as he plays a healer and we often do well together than going solo. in QP I practice other heroes, that’s not a crime is it? Doesn’t mean I’m not a tank main.


I don’t think Road is such a major problem, as peoples said before he bring no utility to his team except extra dps.
And with Reaper current state he is actually in trouble against him, as a support player i just nanogrenade him or discord him and i let my Reaper roast the bacon for me.


That sounds delicious :smiley:


You must be gold… Roadhog is the worst tank by far


yeah tanks should not tank 4head


Oh so thinking Roadhog is too strong defensewise makes me gold, okie dokie.


Agree lets get rid of that tankyness and make Roadhog as lethal again as he used to be in the past :thinking: i think it would be very fair trade that any roadhog main would be happy with.


with eggs and toast
Tasty :fried_egg::bacon::bread:


Reaper is complained a lot about wonder who is stronger right now Reaper or Roadhog im not playing game cos i uninstalled it so i don’t know :thinking::smirk::+1:


Have you ever heard of these following abilities that can stop his “godmode”

  • Flashbang
  • Hack
  • Sleep Dart
  • Anti-Grenade
  • Another Hog’s Hook
  • Charge
  • literally any other stun ability

Also, “godmode?!”
Orisa can have 50% damage resistance for twice as long and has armor, but you wouldn’t call that op, would you?
That’s because it isn’t. Roadhog is NOT that tanky in the long run, especially if his E gets denied.