RTX 2060 Average FPS Lock?


Running an RTX 2060 paired with a Ryzen 3600. Just wondering what sort of fps i should be looking at with this setup without v sync enabled (running a gsync monitor) Had an issue where the fps was capped at 153fps but would not go any higher until I restarted the client and now im capped at 180? just seems a little low.

This is on a fresh install of windows and all latest drivers. Is this about average?

Hey MattyLUFC,

I would argue that you shouldn’t be looking for “what sort of fps because of my GPU” . My question to you would be ‘what refresh rate is your monitor’?

The reason why I ask is because if your frame value is above your refresh rate on your monitor, your making your GPU work harder than it needs to.
I would custom set your capped frames to +5 above your refresh rate.
Make sure G Sync and V Sync are disabled to prevent input lag and you should be good to go.

Let me know if this helps.

– M