Season 11 after update crashes

Having technical issues after the new season update.
Game closes down randomly, happens about every 10 minutes, randomly long into the game or a bit more often when starting a match, tried game re-install and windows system roll back, didn’t help.
Although I did nothing for that to happen - went to sleep before the start of new season, woke up, updated the game, started playing and it is closing itself out of the blue
Seen some person told they were getting game frozen after the update, and some more complained on fps drops, mine just shut downs with no error message whatsoever.

Custom game test was a partial success: Kill to grow mode would close the game down too, but Infinite Stairs it survived for over 40 minutes after which I got bored and left it.

Can’t really play with this issue anymore, already 3 comp games cancelled on match start leading to personal loss and on 1 hour timeout now, and almost lost a game when it happened midway (launched game back to win it and for it to crash at victory screen again right after the win).