Season 11.... worst season yet in my opinion


here we go, for the past 20 games or so i felt this, every other season usually really involved high skilled heros, and was really fun, but at this point
in EVERY team comp in almost everyone of matches there were these specific heros:
Zarya (pretty much always)
hanzo(same)(for the combo)
then they added any combination of these heros and nothing else
mercy, brig, zen,rein,orisa,symetra,junkrat

which, with most of them don’t really require that much skill
and that really pisses me off, i’m getting with some of my friends, getting proper dive with genji tracer dva and winston, and that just gets imidietly deleted by their comp, everytime, and then we are forced to switch, it’s like they just removed dive from this game, which is a shame because i really love dive.
at this point they just so much damage input that we can’t possibally handle it, i’m a zen main and i cannot possibally handle this much damage, i mean they are outdamaging my trans with reletive ease, it’s actually ridiculous at this point, i don’t even know what to do anyome, i am considering just quitting overwatch until this get changed, one way or another, and this is a real shame for me because overwatch is my favourite game and the game i’m spending most time on, especially now that i’m on my summer vacation

maybe i just suck i don’t know, but doesn’t it seem weird that everytime the same team comp is getting used? that some heros are actually not relevent anymore?
this is incredibally anoying for me


One thing is always the same for those rant-posts, the heroes YOU don’t like are heroes that don’t need “Skill”.


I agree, s11 is just filled with noobs.


maybe true, some of them do require skill, but come on, are you going to tell me playing junkrat takes more skill then say… tracer?
these heros require much less skill then some others


I didn’t say every hero needs needs like mega skill to be played but with completely no skill you can’t do anything with any hero. Junkrat may have bombs that don’t need to be perfectly aimed but just firing blindly anywhere only works for complete new players. People that already played ANY game where you can/have to evade stuff manage to strafe out of the way of those bombs and mine and traps actually do need some skill to use them for big effect, except trap+mine on ground and hope for someone to blindly walk in… but even that needs mostly new players to work.

Every player has different “skills” in what they excell and someone that might do awesome as tracer might fail with junk extremely and not get any kill.

Yes you can “blindfire” with some heroes more than with others but still this standard rage-arguement is just boring and the same in any game that features anything that is selectable. Be it “explosives” in one game, a hero in another or what ever in even the next game.


Its true, this has been thw worse competitive matches for me, it is full of people that are less than 60lv and they are in gold elo, but they take reindhart and ult when there is a shield in front of them or they just charge into 6 enemies, they are soldiers that dont put the health, they are widowmakers that dont do a single kill in the entire 2 matches, hanzos that do the ultimate aiming the floor, etc… full of leavers too…


I made it into plat. Sooo…

[I don’t play dive that often]


This is going to change a lot in the following weeks. A lot of changes are incoming.
Hanzo can right now be boosted by mercy to have a boosted dragon strike. That’s why your trans is getting outdamaged.


Yes I agree. Blizzard have totally lost my backing with this season!!! the worst matchmaking in overwatches history!!! Just full of smurfs, throwers, abusive speech and racism. Blizzard you really have a lot of work ahead of you!! You have really let us down this season!!! BIG TIME!!!


Nope. Its definately season 14


Don’t res dead threads.


Season 15 will be worse probably