Season ban the leavers in competitive

No this topic doesn’t concern people who have a disconnect
(Blizzard should know a disconnect vs a leaver if they check their connection logs)

Ok, season after season we have the same problem with placements and ranking (for people who solo qeue.)…leavers…
You know angry kids and frusty grownups that can’t handle the possibility to loose and leave.
Ending up ofcourse with making it harder for the rest of the team.

If you loose but play well you may still get some SR but it is ofc. much lower then playing well and winning.

The fix i would suggest is to season ban players that leave
It’s as simple as: if you can’t stand loosing …just don’t play ranked, play something you might enjoy more

Ofc. we have people that disconnect, that might happen and these people should not be banned for things they have no controll over.
Saying that, playing competitive on a very bad crashing-all-the-time pc or with a bad internet connection is not good and those people should not play competitive.(even if we want you to be part of the competitive season you are ruining it for the rest)

Season ban is not a fix for loosing SR but would help the rest of the season with filtering out the bad from the good so people know the season will get better to play


It should be flatline.Bad internet and you get 3 dcs per season?Season ban,same goes for leaving.People with bad internet should not get on comp,it sucks to have bad internet,but why do others have to suffer?


Dude not everyone are rich to afford good internet but they still want to play …I know its sad when in your team someone dc i have it every third game in my games …3 times dc per season its not much…The sad thing is when server crushing or game i don’t know but definettly not my pc or my interenet connection and i still loosing sr and getting banned from game that’s really sucks

You can’t see the difference between someone who left and someone who disconnected.

Also placements don’t matter after your first season.

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the problem should be fixed giving no penalization to the loosers ( team with 5 players).


It is literally impossible for Blizzard to know if you had a legit DC (e.g. your internet, computer or game crashed) or if the player left on purpose.
Of course, if a player hits the “Leave game” button they will know that they left. But there is no way for Blizzard to see if your game crashed vs if you killed the process via task manager, if your computer crashed vs if you hit the power button, or if your internet died vs if you unplugged the ethernet cable.

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DC is not rage quitting. If someone rage quits they deserve the punishment, if you have a bad internet or in my case live in a 3rd world country where is no option of a good internet connection, you shouldn’t be punished for that. Having said so, I have around 1 dc per season and I never rage quit, I came from League of Legends where hopeless matches last at least 30 minutes I think it’s okay to withstand 4 minutes.

TL;DR: Don’t take SR from team with leaver(s). Punish rage quitters.

You don’t even need that great of internet to play overwatch. You literally just can’t play it over Wifi.


Yes there are ways to see it, I work in IT telecommunications and there are multiple ways to see majority of those. However never can you trace plugging out power.


I may get flamed for this but… If you DC frequently through bad internet then you should also be banned for the whole Season.

It’s such a team based game and 1 person leaving your team even for 2-3 minutes can totally change the outcome of a match. People play Comp to, well, be competitive, as the name suggests. If you’re frequently disconnecting you’re ruining the experience for 11 other players which isn’t fair in my opinion.

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Not necessarily. Clues that would indicate you didn’t actually lose your internet connection can instead just frame people who did. For example, if you lose connection for whatever reason, your ISP can reallocate your IP to another customer and then that customer sends a RST back to the server’s keepalive packet. “oh, the other end is still responsive so they must be online and closed the game to avoid a penalty”

And the fact you can just avoid all of these heuristics by unplugging your modem is reason enough to just not go down this road.

That’s already what happens

Would you mind enlightening me to how this can be done?

Sorry for late answer. Implement another process that is on with that detects alt+f4 for example or leave pressed.

If such a thing existed or was possible without getting data from the users PC (this is data the player would have to consent to giving, which many people wouldn’t want to do (personally I don’t really care)).

Given that they don’t want to have an intrusive anti-cheat system for this reason, I doubt you will get a game leaver system like that.

Also, if you play enough games, it doesn’t really effect your progress that much, if at all.

No need to give consent. The process only monitors what happened after the leave from game => but would ofc be useless once introduced and told out. Everybody would just press power button instead or disconnect router.

It would still require monitoring since ALT + F4 is seen as a system command as far i’m aware.

Isn’t read normally as a keystroke so wouldn’t be able to be detectable unless implementing root based detectors which requires consent. Putting it in without consent would practically be a violation of law.

Oh and people could just pull their plug, it’s as simple as that.

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It is a great idea on paper. But to execute near impossible.

I am sure there is someone out there that can crack it though, and they could make a lot of $$$$ out of Blizzard if the code it.

No violation. Alt+f4 would only stop OW app and process remains in app i.e. the watchdog. But like you said and I nothing can detect power off.

And to clarify the purpose of that watchdog is not to detect any specific key presses it only monitors the TIME DIFFERENCE between closing the app and OW => if there is let’s say 1-2s difference between closing the app/processes then it is considered as manual leave by the person in question.