Season ban the leavers in competitive

It would only take 1 person to figure out the times before the whole system would get abused.

I think what they have is just about fine.

Every leaver is treated the same. Some will feel it is harsh, but it just is what it is. If your connection is bad and you are unlucky to be kicked out, you probably shouldn’t be playing anyway as your poor connection will likely be ruining the game for others in some way.

Simple comparison:

In competitive sport you don’t insert the injured players into they gave…you let them sit it out.
When you play without the ranking…and ofc. you want to win, you do let injured players play since it’s more fun and winning is an extra

and hell yes we need to continue this old conversation because blizzard didn’t fix this since the launch of their game

You can go into the connection data …the 0’s and the 1 's…all represent a certain value.
So in a string of 1’s and 0’s you can collect the info. You can check where the problem occures…is it the ISP or is the problem @ client side
(the conection is not that simple it goes to a crap ton of connections…you can check that

for example if you go into a DOS prompt and type “/tracert” you can see the connections it takes for your pc to reach the google website…and again all these connections contain data

It’s far more complicated to explain…dunno how your knowledge is but here with a little bit of info i have proven a point

So a beginner data analist can check…and a program running those analitics can made it even easier.
So no reason for Blizz not to do…and if they don’t know what to do (which I highly doubt) they can hire me :slight_smile:

I would prefer it if Yes, after 3 leaves in a season you get a ban for the season.
But also, the team should not be penalised, the leaver should face 6x SR loss.

Yesterday. I played 9 games and 4 of my games had a leaver Even when we were winning.
How the fk can this game be considered competitive when Blizzard allow this to happen that often.

They truly are a shocking company in regards to game development, so bad, you can see why they have lost a massive player base.

If you know your internet is bad, you still shouldn’t be playing competitive. It is a dick move to risk 5 other people’s SR just because you’re being selfish. Just do QP instead.

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