Second game in this evening, a leaver

Another leaver occured tonight, second game in.
We were smashing the opposition team in defence and then, we had a leaver.
We continued into the second round and took them on as a 5man, got the point within metres of the end, we tried at least. Should of been an easy win.

What’s the objective with all the leaver posts?

We all know they happen. Sometimes it’s really annoying, other times less so.

What changes do you want?

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Make Blizzard aware of the issue within competitive, the frequency of it, and the fact it is still ongoing.

Changes/ideas have already been mentioned in earlier posts

Nothing they can do if someone chooses to leave, or their router dies or whatever.

It’s not an issue they can “fix”

Making changes to fix this issue pretty much results in some downsides, which we want to avoid especially for this.

I’ve been getting a lot more DC’s lately when I never used to. I guess other people are the same. Fix your crappy servers Blizzard.

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