Server Disconnect, Received Penalty

I just got kicked from a match due to a “client” restart; game forced it. Checked overwatch Reddits after a few minutes to see if it was my Internet or a game issue, and it was indeed a game issue, and yet I got a 1 hour penalty for a server going down (someone logged into my account earlier while I was playing so I already had 1 penalty in my pocket). I’m sure devs won’t fix this before time is up, but could we at least get the penalties taken off so next time there is a mishap or bad luck I don’t get a 24 hour ban? Seems unfair for us to be punished for the game forcefully restarting a client.


Agree. Happening to me too. All we can do is keep complaining because, as of right now, there is no way to appeal these penalties.

happening every game now since new update. it’s ridiculous

my internet connection is fine, and only overwatch2 server issue sometimes got issue and forced to quit the game or can’t immediately rejoin match…
this need be fix as soon as possible

because when we disconected we got suspended time

yes it is very unfair
i just had the same issue and i was really excited to play overwatch after a long day of work and i was just faced with a server disconnect and a penalty
my day is ruined