Shocking amount of hackers in ranked late at night


What’s going on in Overwatch?

Last night I meet a Widowmaker with 100% headshot accuracy who did over 100x scoped critical hits in a single game. He was absolutely aim locking without a shadow of a doubt, on replays his crosshair snapped onto people like a magnet in a completely robotic way.

Not a single time on the kill feed did he ever kill anyone with anything else than a critical hit - the most blatant and obvious cheating.

Now again tonight, I meet a Soldier76 and McCree duoQing together, I meet them twice (once on my team and once as enemies). Again - every kill in killfeed = headshot, 100% headshot accuracy perfect magnetic snap aimlock to the head.

Just WTF happen to this game?


and wallhackers are like in 1 of 5 games. Its pretty easy to spot them.