Should I buy Nintendo switch for overwatch ?


I already have overwatch on ps4 pro and Xbox one x .is there any reason to buy Nintendo switch for playing overwatch on it .I am asking about any benefits that might come while playing overwatch on Nintendo switch .ty


From my understanding the game will be locked at a 30 FPS. So if you’re use to playing at that kind of frame rate, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But I personally don’t see any benefit to getting it on a new platform especially if you have to create an entirely new account. I’m a bit fuzzy on those logistics, but from my understanding you can’t link your battle net cross platform. So if that is the case I would say no because you’d have to create a whole new account, and get all the skins you had on your other accounts.

If it’s not then idk. I’m a strict PC player, so I wouldn’t know about the account linking across platforms, but I personally wouldn’t get the opinions of others to make your decision. I’d say if you want it, go for it, if not then don’t :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully you can account link.


That’s only for handheld mode. It’ll run “normally” in docked


ive never heard that. I have seen many sources confirming 30fps both docked and handheld


I bought Switch for Diablo 3. I dont regret… Even if you dont love the game, Switch has other games and it’s darn awesome. It’s my favourite thing I bought in 2018.

That and D3 on Switch is pretty fun, and surprisingly… no, DAMN SURPRISINGLY good. They ported all of the content. Just wish they ported all the newest PC patches too (for QoL improvements). :wink:
While I can’t imagine playing OW on Switch, get it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And get D3.


Docked and undocked both are 30 fps. With dock being 900p and 720p for undocked .I don’t think I can play on 30 fps


Guess i’ll never buy a switch then… :confused: 30 fps is unplayable for me with all those stuttering


Well like I said, i’m a strict PC player so I don’t know what it’s like for consoles if the Framerate is different from game to game on each platform. It could be higher than that so i’m unsure about it lol I just heard and read it from other sources. My friends have switches and the games they got run pretty well and smoothly, i’m just not sure how OW will be with the switch since they aren’t into FPS’s nor are they into Overwatch. So I could be wrong.


As a PC only player with a Switch for couch games:
If you already own it on other consoles (why you would have two copies is already weird, but ok…), dont buy it for the switch. It simply cannot perform better on it and the benefit of playing in handheld mode for a game like this is simply, at least to me, non-existant.

Also - Nintendo’s Online Service is garbage at best, and a bad joke at worst. So… yeah