Should Overwatch be free?

Shouldn’t OW/Overwatch be free/0.00
Its already been like past 5/Five years
Honestly it should?
Another way of winning/earning more users


And it probably will be when OW2 comes out.

The only real way they can get large numbers back is to make PvP free to play. So I expect them to have 2 elements to the game. Free PvP with a paid for story main game (a-la CoD)

No. OW isn’t a type of game to be F2P like Genshin Impact and other such games.


Lol. How do you come to that conclusion.

@Anon11522891 , Greetings,I don’t think it should be free,alot toxic people will come with it,is not a big deal to spent 30euros for the game.All the best in the future.


Same with most games tbh. Only game I’ve paid monthly for is WoW and Final Fantasy online.

Don’t really see an online shooter to be a pay monthly game.

Because they are all going F2P as it makes them more money.

@Wolfex,Overwatch is not a just shooting game,is more then that.Overwatch is one of the best games atm,including the WoW.But that will changes soon,soon when Overwatch 2 comes out,then for sure Overwatch 2 will be the best game in the world,I neva miss. All best in the future!

I say No as you only have to pay for the game once and not a monthly subcription i think its a pretty good think for what overwatch is as most free to play game are not exactly what i would call nicely developed…and that is a stretch to be honest. So with that said this i just my personal opinion but yeah im fine paying for a game as get a good developed game that isnt just handed out for free in a cheap state and the money they get from selling game can be used both so the company you know actually earn something on making games and some of it are probobly put in to new content we got through out the years such as maps, game modes and skins

There won’t be a subscription. It’ll just be free.

You’d only have to pay for the skins, sprays and so on… probably in some version of a battle pass.

There was a survey they did ages ago that asked if it was wanted. Along with things like customisable skins and cross play and stuff like that. Pretty much everything like that got a big thumbs up.

Based on statements and what’s said in the annual accounts, even the archaic sub model for WoW will be going with F2P being the way forward. But I suspect that’ll be long after OW2 and Diablo have proven the model works.

Because skins and sprays are worth spending money on lol. Bad idea to make OW F2P when they only have skins and sprays on offer.

That is exactly why it is a good idea.

More players. More money. Win win.

It is happening eventually, whether people like it or not.

I want them to hire you so they go bankrupt.

Yeah… The F2P model that has gone so so badly for Fortnite… Apex… and their very own CoD…

So badly in fact that Microsoft are copying it for Halo…

It is the short term future. Embrace it.

I don’t think it should go ftp. And if it did we can hope that the devs give the accounts that have already paid exclusive skins or cosmetics somehow, or something to make us feel like we have not wasted our money?

F2P = tons of smurfs = dead game


This also.

I also don’t think people would actually spend money on skins n such. Not really worth it. Games such as Genshin Impact, the money makes it worthwhile, saves you time, makes you stronger.

This game won’t do too well being F2P

Can you provide data to back up that claim.

F2P will give the game a huge boost in the short term. It is then on the devs to push on and give people a reason to buy things.

As Apex has proven. Huge influx of players to start, dropped off, and has picked up again as content improved, and is expected to make $500million profit by the end of this year. All by just selling skins and cosmetics.

Overwatch does have bigger appeal in the wider market, so should easily be able to match that and then some.

Apex has given devs and puiblishers all the data they need to push on with F2P. Even Microsoft is following suit with Halo.

I don’t think that it would be a good idea to make Overwatch free to play. Mostly because many players would most likely start cheating without having to buy the game, and they would likely use new accounts so that they don’t risk a ban on their main account.

It would make the whole playing experience completely destroyed, based on how other free to play or low-cost games are online these days. Examples are EA’s Origin with games such as Battlefield 4, I and V, where all you need is a subscription for €5 or €15 and then players can start cheating with little money spent.

Of course cheaters in Battlefield are often banned instantly, the question is does Blizzard do the same, because I have no idea? That’s the real question to me, if they are punished within a few days, a few hours or perhaps instantly however it sounds fine by me and I’d be all positive with Overwatch going free to play.


This is an understandable concern. But not really one backed up in reality.

OW2 is set to have improved anti cheat. This plus a few other things such as changes coming in Windows 11 will make it harder to do.

Plus for every cheater, there should in theory be hundreds of “legit” players.

Every game… F2P, subscription or purchased has their issues with cheaters. F2P doesn’t actually make that worse, if anything it becomes diluted.