Since my account got suspended


yeah right, because your skillz will be massively different with a new account, compared to your first one…

You also rewarded a company for having a sort of broken report system that got you suspended, by giving them more money.
Good job lmao, I hope they figure out that banning your accounts actually makes them profit.


hmm? I am high masters/GM, so getting there wont be difficult. I’ll be sure to check back here. I’ll be back in masters on this account by the weekend as well.


You are so wise :smiley: Give them more money to support a broken report system :rofl:


Yes gonna make people cry some more. Feed on their toxic tears.


According to overbuff, your session yesterday had you at a 30% winrate over 24 games, at 3.3 playing DPS. High masters/gm at a 30% wr in 3.3k? woop woop haha x d gm b t w


Do you need me to screen shot my peak or what? Game trolled out, got stuck with a bunch of toxic little kiddos that had no interest in winning the game. According to the same overbuff stats you can also clearly see my hero performance is how to put this? A gazzillion times higher than your averge scrub diamond/masters player.


Sure you are bronze boy, no surprise why you got banned, you’ll be on your way to more bans with no problem.


Yea Mr goldboy might wanna work some on those gains before you talk smack, you literarly like a little Chihuahua all bark no bite, and one step of the foot and you splat.


I play comp for points, so by all means continue to talk down to somebody who doesn’t care, when you clearly do bronze boy.

you’re nothing special, just another arrogant child thinking they’re great


Think your delusional little kiddo brain needs to learn its place in the world. You do not own any privilege to talk down or look down on others when your literally on the bottom of the stairs, all you do is go around a spew BS. And I am better than you, and it clearly makes you mad kiddo. Life tough, maybe one day you’ll learn that.


More like you need to learn your place, down in bronze with every other arrogant little twit who thinks he’s above everybody else.

newsflash boy, you are bronze, nothing will change that, your arrogance is nothing special or new, much like yourself. Bronze trash is bronze trash, and you fit the bill 100%

you’re better than nobody, and it’s clear being called your real rank makes you mad, which is funny, all the s-talking because you think you’re good.

learn your place, sit down, be quiet. You’re done here bronze boy.


Yet i am not bronze but master, and you are little golden mad boy, coz only gold boy.

You really are the guy that got banned, well i mean getting out gold without cheats is so hard :sweat_smile: :joy:

I am not mad, just better than you, which is evident since I can prove I masters on this account, and all you have got to show is gold rank.

Only one that needs to learn their place kiddo is you.


Bronze boy, not masters, bronze.

you might like to think if you clean your screen enough it’ll be golden but it’s not.

As i said before, i do comp for points, ergo i don’t care what my rank is. you on the other hand, no matter how hard you try, won’t go beyond 500 sr at max.
you’re bronze, you’ll stay bronze.

next you make more assumptions, which just proves my point you are a dumb kid.

you’re mad to the point of raging, and claiming you’re masters yet you’re actually bronze. Congrats on paying somebody to put the account in a rank you neither belong in or earned.

your attitude and raging nature of anyone who beats me is cheating, i’m a healer god clearly shows your real rank.

learn your place as i said boy, you are in the presence of your betters and adults. Hush, sit down


You are such a mad little troll boy, why not give it a rest? Now I am 100% certain you are one of the cheaters that I got banned :rofl:


Only one whose mad here is you kid, mad at being called out for your real rank and stupidity.

considering i can login without issue, definitely not banned, and i’m not at bronze level like you where everybody who wins is cheating.

get over yourself, sit down, hush


Living prof why gold rank is one of the true elo hells of this game, can not even accept their own limitations down there :sweat_smile:


Living proof of kids in bronze who think they’re god tier but held back by cheaters, or rather.

non-existent cheaters, aka everybody else better than you.


Maybe put some of that energy in to the game you’ll be platboy one day! :rofl:


and maybe you’ll make it out of bronze one day boy…

Who am i kidding, you’ll never make it out with your lack of skill. But hey maybe you could try and ban everybody else in the game so you can claim you’re top 500


You might even make diamond if I manage to do that :wink: