Since my account got suspended


Since my account got suspended for two days due blizzard automated system punishing players for playing their game more than others, and especially their vodo MMR system stealing 300 SR. Shortly after also putting me on teams with a bunch of toxic teenagers(yes my bad for playing after school hours, lost track of time) that spam the report button whenever they lose blaming all but themselves. I have now decided to get a new account to smurf my way in to high masters at least, watch out all gold plats and diamonds, I am coming for u! Woop Woop!


yeah right, because your skillz will be massively different with a new account, compared to your first one…

You also rewarded a company for having a sort of broken report system that got you suspended, by giving them more money.
Good job lmao, I hope they figure out that banning your accounts actually makes them profit.


hmm? I am high masters/GM, so getting there wont be difficult. I’ll be sure to check back here. I’ll be back in masters on this account by the weekend as well.


You are so wise :smiley: Give them more money to support a broken report system :rofl:


Yes gonna make people cry some more. Feed on their toxic tears.


According to overbuff, your session yesterday had you at a 30% winrate over 24 games, at 3.3 playing DPS. High masters/gm at a 30% wr in 3.3k? woop woop haha x d gm b t w


Do you need me to screen shot my peak or what? Game trolled out, got stuck with a bunch of toxic little kiddos that had no interest in winning the game. According to the same overbuff stats you can also clearly see my hero performance is how to put this? A gazzillion times higher than your averge scrub diamond/masters player.