Skin suggestions

I couldn’t find any skin suggestion categories in here (though, I didn’t look that long or deep so whatever, I’ll start a new topic).

I really love the skins in Overwatch. So many are absolutely golden and amazingly clever (barbecue soldier, Lego Bastion, beachrat, forest spirit Orisa, to name a few). There just so french taste kiss sound augh! Amazing.

With that in mind, I thought a really fun suggestion would be chef Sigma. He’d be decked out in messy chef’s wares, toque and all. I haven’t thought much on what his abilities would look like, but all I know is that his tagline for his ultimate would be: “What is that recipe?”…Just think about it. Perhaps is primary fire could be meatballs, or dumplings, something food related shaped like a shere, who knows. Heck, while I’m thinking about it. It’d be awesome if his primary fire rotated randomly through several different foods. One time it’s a meatball and some broccoli, another time it’s a clump of noodles and some sausage. Who knows, I just thought I’d share the idea.

If you guys have any suggestions, for Sigma or no, that’d be cool to share. Thanks!

i dont have a sigma skin suggestion but i got one for reinheart tho he uses a big hammer and he is big he reminds me of the cowking from diablo 2 somehow so i was thinking a cowking reinheart skin would be cool aswell