Smurfs are ruining the lower ELO grouping

Trying to group up in bronze or silver with more than 3 players is like asking for a smurf group on the other team. I understand that Blizz. won’t strike down on something like that, of course, since they make more money the more “acconts” they sell. But I don’t think Blizz should expect the playermass in the lower ELOs to come back to the game as they tire of meeting the same people over and over again, and if they group with others, they only meet smurfs or boosters.

Sadly the game is becoming more and more elitist - just like all the other ranked systems in the blizz games - making the player bases smaller and smaller. :frowning:


Grouping is a sham because of 2 simple reasons

  1. Groups are disadvantaged in the matchmaking. In Blizzard’s eyes a group of 4 people equals 2 smurfs on the enemy team, obviously far from the truth.

  2. Groups vs groups. Plenty of smurfs boost their friends or are paid to boost or pair up with random low rankers who play Mercy for them. You have higher chance of facing a smurf group than if you go solo.

i firmly believe you should be held to one account or at lest only be able to play ranked from one account. i think my fav ranked game was a smerff practicing widow in my comp game, we where getting rolled he had no value on the pick we asked him to switch and his response what no this is why we have multiple accounts. i do not nor ever will have multiple accounts and if i did i would not throw other peoples games just cus im not on my main and i dont care about the out come of the match.

I think what blizzard should do is make it so you can only make one account for overwatch on pc Xbox and PS4 and these are then tied to an IP and then after that you can’t make a new account for people with more that one account they will just have to choose an account they want to keep

Yeah. Blizzard don’t care.

Despite the fact that to be there those players have to commit acts that are directly mentioned in the game play sabotage report, and the cheating report.

And that’s if they don’t just buy a pre-leveled low ELO account. This is easy for Blizzard to detect, the IP address of the account changes. Suspend the account until the user can prove they have moved. Easy.

Yeah. You should have to give Blizzard more details if you want to play “competitive”. Blizzard should be taking steps to make it actually competitive again.

  • You need ID when buying an account
  • You can have multiple accounts, But they have to all be linked, and MMR will be shared across all your accounts so you can’t deliberately low level an account.
  • Each season, you have to nominate which account you will play in competitive.
  • Comp games can only be access through LFG. Make people make groups and force team play and team work. (also maybe have a solo que mode for loners)

They won’t do any of this, because they don’t care. And thus they need to tell people it isn’t competitive any more. Just a game mode with a arbitrary “skill” based number that helps the matchmaker