Smurfs = Gameplay Sabotage


Hello… my name is (some famous person) with the Red cross

did you know that 99% of overwatch games, have a smurf in them…

I understand you may not care, and you may say “GITGUD SCRUB”… but please listen…

in 2019 poor defenceless gamers have to suffer without knowing what a GG looks like, like this poor mercy main, her name is IHEALUGUD… she has never known a day without countless horrific deaths at the hands of unscrupulous Genjis and cruel tracers who hound her constantly… she trys her best and her team try too… but alas these smurfs are just too much and roflstomp her teeth out…

she can no longer enjoy a simple meal or game of overwatch because she has no teeth…

but you, you all can help… with just 2 MB1 presses on every smurf you see will Restore mercys teeth… and her pride…

just 2 MB1 presses can restore the hope and joy that lower ranked players feel when they have experienced a GG

please… donate 2 MB1 presses to the Red cross and lets end smurfing… forever…


Ihealugood sounds like a smurf name ngl. But yes I guess I do see what you mean but there is nothing that is against the tos with smurfing so banning smurfs would just be unfair for the people who spent their money on another account, which would essentially mean that these players would appeal their bans and since none of them threw it should not be that hard to get unbanned.


smurfing = gameplay sabotage = against the ToS :slight_smile:

please dontate


Being bad = gameplay sabotage = against the ToS

But I dont report bad players that are boosted.


Nope, says so when you try to report for it “being bad is not gameplay sabotage”

however, belonging to a higher rank on your main acc, and smurfing to be at a lower rank is 1. actively throwing to be placed and maintain lower rank, and 2. passively stomping the occasional match for sh+its and or giggles… both are gameplay sabotage so…

Smurfing = gameplay sabotage, any way you slice it


I agree if a smurf is throwing it is gameplay sabotage but in what way is completely destroying a low leveled player gameplay sabotage exactly?. You are ruining the game for the enemy but benefitting your team just like you are supposed to do. The idea of reporting someone because they are defeating you is something I simply disagree with just because your team is passively destroyed/destroying is not gameplay sabotage because the smurf is trying its best to win just like the game is intended to be played.

Until the devs go out saying that being a smurf is gameplay sabotage you can not consider it gameplay sabotage. Just like you said in game they say that being bad is not gameplay sabotage but I do not see it say that being way more skilled than your enemy is either. Yes the enemy smurf is definately destroying your fun and ruining your game. But that is the job of the enemy team

Guess we will just have to agree to disagree.


completely destroying the enemy team not only ruins the game for the enemy who are out classed (which is why ranks exist in the first place) but you are ruining the game for your own team who get to have little to no impact on the match, so it is in both ways gameplay sabotage, because you are sabotaging the game for everyone

and no, we don’t agree to disagree, I am correct, you are incorrect, and as you are a GM player you have little to no say on “smurfing” the problems it causes because you either 1. don’t experience it at your rank, or 2. cause it yourself if you have a smurf account


First of all. There are smurfs in master because the skill becomes more exponential the higher you go which is why almost no player is 5k because you are going to need way more skill to go from something like 4.9 to 5k than 4.1 to 4.2 so yes I experience smurfs in almost all my games. Second, all my smurfs are at the exact same sr and the reason for this is because I want to learn faster with minimal losses. Third, yes we agree to disagree if you can consider smurfing gameplay sabotage because it simply is not. If the rule does not include smurfing as gameplay sabotage it is simply not, blizzard has made no efforts to combat smurfing so we know blizz does not have any issues with it. Therefore we know the gameplay sabotage category in reporting is not supposed to be used for smurfing. If anything you are incorrect as you are false reporting people



and I will continue to report all smurfs I see on both sides of the match, until they are all banned and this game can return to being fun for everyone, as was advertised :slight_smile:

GG bruh


So we agree to disagree? or are you going to continue arguing for why false reporting is ok? :slight_smile:

Edit: Just added a smile



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You kind of are as you are giving up on convincing me.



GG bruh WP bruh



GG EZ I won



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p.s putting .AVI at the end of something isn’t a thing, the (Nope.AVI) is the whole thing and cannot be bastardised or otherwise altered but I guess you’re too young to understand


I still won though. If anything it is clear that you have lost as you are unable to hold a conversation about the subject you are advertising. It is clear that I have not lost as you could not debunk any of my arguments for why what you are doing is false reporting but ggs tho



just not bothered to discuss something with someone who hasn’t got a clue and doesn’t understand because of their rank


Simply incorrect I was diamond a couple of weeks ago and I had smurfs in all my games I just saw no reason to report them. I have seen way more smurfs than you have but you simply cant stand for your own statement anymore because you realise the more you speak the more stupid you look.



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I don’t think you’re gonna have a conversation past some blanket statements with that person, they answered the same way to me in another topic.