Smurfs, trolls are runing comp


Too many people are smurfing and trolling and have ruin comp . not only are people get pissed off that there rank keeps going down and people are not happy with how some people think it is ok to joke around in it and it is not ok. It makes a mess of the game.
i Myself wish comp was removed entirely for more then just this reason.


so they should remove it for everyone because you are unhappy with it

yeah, makes perfect sense


You know, in the end it will discourage smurfs from smurfing so why not. Since I don’t care about competitive anymore anything that hurts smurfs is a good thing.


no i mean remove it for everyone because no one likes comp and everyone wish it never existed.


I am glad there is comp.
Because it keeps thousands of trolls out of QP.


After playing a few days in GM for the first time I gotta say I regret climbing.

Since there are very few players at this elo easily half of the teams are smurfs so your games are decided by who has the best dps smurf.

Just played with a premade of 3 people level 26, all playing dps, they rolled on the enemy team and were super toxic the entire time, won two games with them but seriously they made me stop playing for the day, it doesn’t even feel fun or rewarding.


Only thing making comp a toxic garbage mess is the handicapp MMR system rewarding terrible players for doing terribly. And yes, the absence of a stats screen to save said terrible players feelings.


didnt knew you were suddenly talking for everyone