So sick of leavers!


Ok… did my placements…People leave after 1st round… or in the middle of a game… 3 times… That obviesly makes it SLIGHTLY harder to get a decent result… What should i do? Why are those matches being registred as complete placement matches?
Suggestion: If you quit, the match will be counted for as a loss, and it will start over, or you will not recive win or loss.

  1. be on voice comms
  2. talk to your team
  3. counterpick
  4. coordinate
  5. care less, leavers happen on both teams


skrew this game,do whatever you want,only 1 person is enough to mess your games up,so expecting 5 people to play as the game was meant : in a team, its something that will never happen,play as you like,ranks dont matter,smurfs bots aimbots and cheaters are everywhere,you get false hopes and then you get shot down by a bad matchmaking with leavers streak,forget about it,do WHATEVER,at least you will have fun!


imagine, the other team struggles the same way.


Placement matches mean nothing. You will just vet put at what you was last season anyway.