So, Torb is a throw pick in OW2?

From what I found so far, the answer is: Yes.
The game is faster and the turret is even faster destroyed, two-shot by any dps, making him pretty pointless to play, zero mobility.

I’ve found if you put turret in your backline and use it to protect the flanks from the likes of Tracer, he’s still just as effective.

It’s very much a bottom half DPS, very niche situational pick. Good otps will make him work.

The key to playing Torb is relocating your turret - as a general rule of thumb, if the enemy knows where your turret is, it’s time to put it elsewhere. Also, don’t use it on cooldown, it’s surprisingly effective to throw down in the middle of a fight, certainly vs flanking high-mobility heroes.

His past playstyle of sitting passively by his turret hammering it when it takes damage, is part of the reason he is still considered as a troll pick. But he’s a surprisingly effective flank counter with a very underrated gun, and can even take the role of an off-tank with his overload ability.