Solo que request

in ranks to day i had 5 game and all them awfulll and not enjoyable also ton smurfs … and then every single game was me and 5 pre made or me and 3 pre made all this pre made did was troll and be toxic none stop … blizzard i beg plz look in to have solo ques becuse pre made are awfulll for solo player … it extrealy frustating whenne you are playing with 5 player and they are blame you for everything also what i do as solo player in this pre made just nothing i cant get better at the game and cant learn anything all it is how has the better pre made . also losing ure win streak becuse pre made game show up after i won probly like 10 match in row with randoms and then instantly lose the win streak becuse unbalanced pre made game is extrealy frustating .

there so many thing that solo que system could help the community and players ingeneral also solo ques would stop the duos smurf carrying for solo players so you dont lose ure win streak becuse smurf is carrying his friend or work some1 that pay for it .

solo ques make the game alote more enjoy and random then a game of pre made and you only 1 stuck sit there doing nothing and if you try to do something you just get 2 stacked every time.

also it easyer to balance random team then pre made becuse diffrence skill levels of the players mean the lobbys get way unbalanced soon there is duos or trio or 4 or 5 .

You do realize that implementing a separate solo queue will condemn every person playing with their friend to be teamed up with other groups, right?

Yes, having to play with groups who just automatically blame you for everything that goes wrong, or having to play against a smurf boosting his friends, is pretty annoying, I get that and I have that too. But one premade is not the other. I personally play with 1 or 2 friends a lot, always joining team voice and including the other players in the game - and guess what, we also tend to prefer solo players. We also get these groups you mention every now and then. I sure as hell don’t want to be stuck playing with them whenever I’m stacking. just because solo queue players complained.

And then I didn’t even mention the queue times for stacks, because the matchmaker has to puzzle all those 2- 3- 4- stacks together (and err, what about 5-stacks, have you thought about how they get matched up when solo queue is separate?)

Just because you personally feel inconvenienced, doesn’t mean that the queue system should cater to your every need and whim. Don’t punish everyone playing in a stack because you find some bad apples. Ignore those people, try to find the joy in having a 10 match win streak, and move on - consider them to be just the average other toxic player you encounter. Hey, the benefit of finding toxic people in a group, is that they only take up one avoid slot :slight_smile:

well you dont seem to understand it not just 1 game last 3 week has been nothing but awfull lobbys lirely every game i match with pre made is instant lose . why should i worry about pre made teams having to face other pre made teams and not just get free wins ? i dont understand why even put that in there i only play this game solo i never join a group so i never have worrry about what happens in pre made groups it reason i am avoid pre made teams.

5 pre made well that problam they have find a way around make make system where you can chose to play with pre made or not as a solo player i dont know .

and finaly you do not understand ignore player that toxic and acting like that mean me delete the game and not playing it anymore becuse lirely every single game i play in it awfulll and not fun at all and i most if not every single game get pre made on my team or other team .

all i know is pre made team give player reasons to smurf and ruin the lobby for every1 else and good reason to sadly becuse how wouldent play with there friend over alone but agien like i said i always get bad lobby becuse of fact that player do sell boosts and other mean of ruin the lobby for every1 else.

just head up lirely i dont tink i have had single game with out smurf genji in it . and if i do it lobby where pre made is trowing and blame me for it .

i can play more 5 lobby at moment befor i dont got anymore energy to becuse of this players . just ignore them isnt working becuse there report system that hurt the wrong player just becuse they are more nummbers then you are i am sick and tired of player saying thing to def agenst solo que but only way to get a fully balanced lobby is to have solo que with out it most lobby just going be weist of time and rank system only going be worth it if you are pre made group simple as that becuse 1 lost game dont hurt that much but whenne that 1 game end ure win streak it those hurt and after word you get bad roll of worse lobbys over and over becuse of the pre mades and you lose more rating then you can gein in other words ure hard work go strat out the window becuse some1 else .

that why i hate system the way it is now and i wil not stop tinking that solo que system with option to op out of it if you dont want it is the best way to go with it .

(keep in mind this my apinion).

also by put solo player in pre made you are punishing them and not in same way as pre made vs pre made just how it supose to be .

First of all, I admit it’s really hard to focus my attention on understanding clearly what you are writing, but I assume by the way you write your post - and I also seem to recall from previous posts - you have dyslexia. So apologies beforehand if I missed something or if I misunderstand you.

I’m not sure you understood me either, to be honest. What I was trying to say is that I play with friends more often than I play solo, but unlike the groups you describe, we actually join team voice chat and try to work together with the members in our team. And I am sure there are plenty of other groups doing the same, you just seem very prejudiced towards players in a group because of the bad experiences you had.

Every now and then you have those groups, the ones who only play amongst themselves, Mercy’s more focused on damage boosting the Reaper in their group rather than healing you when you’re the main Tank. Groups that gang up on the solo player when things go wrong. Yes, they exist. But trust me, other groups don’t want to play with them either.

By separating the queue between solo players and players in a group just because YOU as a solo player feel that playing with groups is no fun, it’s just unfair towards anyone playing in a group, even if they are one of the “good groups”.

  1. Queue times would increase tremendously for people in a group.
  2. While preventing you as a solo player to play with those bad groups we mention, you basically leave other people in a group to be stuck with them.
  3. I still don’t see how you would solve the matter of people playing in a 5-stack when there are no solo players to fill the 6th spot.

It’s not “premade vs premade” if it’s not a 6-stack, or maybe a 5-stack at best. You can’t treat 2 people playing together the same, they’re practically solo players too because they also play with 4 others in the team. Your option to solo queue would just treat them very unfairly.

The problem is that they are using an algorithm that makes the queue lower by placing you with groups which is obviously preferable to having a long wait time just to avoid groups.