Sombra nerfed to oblivion

Why create a hero that’s unique and actually good, and then slap her abilities down to nothing.

The ults she used to cancel with EMP don’t cancel either now.
Med-pack hacking lasts like 30 seconds or something so minimal like that its barely worth hacking them.
Hacking in general lasts such an insignificant time it barely makes a difference in the fight to warrant the 0.6s it takes to hack the target in the first place.

Just to clarify, her damage output is now very consistent with other heroes, which makes her a viable pick, but her toolkit is nothing compared to what it was.

Because she is too strong right now. She’s obnoxious, and not fun to play against.

Sojourn needs nerfing before her, but she does need something to peg her back a little.

Sombra doesn’t need to be nerfed, her damage needs a slight reduction and her abilities need to be relevant again. That was her entire point, and Blizzard have completely missed it now.

EMP is pointless
Hacking is pointless
Medpacks being hacked are pointless

They need to re-design her if they don’t want her to be so powerful and controlling of other players abilities because as it stands her kit is a waste of time.

Hacking pointless? the 40% damage increases (before its nerfed today) made supports an easy kill for any sombra.

all in all, you sound like someone whos salty because their overtuned hero is getting brought into line

Certainly didn’t feel like there was additional damage from hacking.
It also didn’t need that.

Whinges about hero being nerfed, but doesn’t know the actual mechanics of the character.

Way to go.

She’s still been nerfed lol.
Her kit utilisation is based on her ability to remove other heroes abilities which she barely even does that anymore.
Secondary to that, she’s supposed to provide additional healing through the use of medpacks while taking them away from the enemy team - she cannot do that anymore.

Saying she’s got an ability similar to zenyatta, that can be interrupted, has a delay, and has a cast time isn’t being overpowered unless you’re claiming zenyatta who has that same ability, can’t be prevented, doesn’t have a cast time and doesn’t have a delay, is overpowered all the same?

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Which is why it’s been nerfed to the same amount as zenyattas discord, 25% increased damage against a hacked target, insted of the 40% it was.
zenyattas orb also doesnn’t interrupt abilities or lock them out for a small time.

All in all she is still a good pick.

She isn’t being nerfed because people in gold don’t play her well… She is being nerfed because at the top ranks she destroys tanks.

Then you see the likes of Fitzhere getting as high as he is/was on the ladder one tricking her and you know there is an issue. The guy is a great player, and great streamer… but he isn’t THAT good. (same for anyone abusing Sojourn on the ladder right now).

Right, but she doesn’t need any damage increase at all… she should have the ability to remove the enemy heroes abilities so she’s a bigger contribution to team play.
Taking a unique hero, and making her generic as f isn’t balancing, its just being lazy.

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She still does, it just doesn’t last for as long.

She would be too strong if her old skill set was present within the current 5v5 build of the game with one tank.

Again, I disagree.
All they had to do was increase the duration back to 0.8s for a successful hack so it can be interrupted easier. They didn’t need to make the hack from cloak, or reduce everything to do with hacking, or give her a damage buff when she hacks. Her kit is just crap now.