SR Loss amount a bit to much?

Today I did my 6th game of Competetive as support, sadly we had 3 team members leave the game leaving us in a 3v6.

Now I was placed at Platinum 2703 SR after the 5th game, now I am down to 2567 SR. I normally hear and read that SR loss can be around 30-50 but to lose 136 SR in one go… isn’t that a bit to much?

(Extra information, No I normally don’t do competitive that much and I was not on a losing spree if that matters, it was my first loss after a 4 win streak yesterday)

If these are your first games after your first placements, this is to be expected. They heavily adjust SR in the first 8-10 games after placements.

There is a rank correcting subsystem which add/removes SR if it detects that your initial placement was “incorrect”.

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