Staying in one rank through 3 "rankups"

Hi. Does anyone else has this problem? I got diamond 1, won 5 matches and went to dia 2. Won another 5 matches and got dia 3. And again, to dia 4.
Now I’ve “ranked up” for 3 times and went 3 times from dia 4 to dia 4… I keep track of my Ls and Ws and I don’t understand what’s happening right now. I don’t mind going down earlier, but what is this? I’ve won 15 games just to stay still in one place. It’s frustrating and I don’t see the point in playing comp with a frozen rank.

Had the same thing. “Stuck” in plat 3 for 3 updates, then got plat 2 and diamond 5 the next 2.

Essentially, you are losing too many games to get that 5 and your mmr won’t push you.

I also had 5 wins (and 1 loss) and stayed at same rank. Rank system is soo bad this season.

I have 2 accounts. One is diamond 1 (last two seasons I was master 1 but due to inactivity, it seems to have lowered my rank). The other account is plat 2… I cannot climb on any of the accounts. I also don’t go lower but it just doesn’t make any sense. I’m hoping they noticed an issue with the rank system and just froze as much as possible before fixing it (since they were pointing out issues with the matchmaking)

Hi Yrvesis,

Back in Overwatch 1, your SR rank value was visible so you could see where you are between the rank bands. Would be good if Blizzard go back to this old method of showing your SR value rather than concealing it behind rank bands so you can see how much a couple of losses (lets say) has knocked you back overall.