Still bugged ranking up?

I was stuck in bronze5, but after the bug fixed i immediately got silver 4. 14 wins more and im still silver 4
was the bug fixed only for bronze???

i have never seen this so called boost whenever im about to rank up i either stay where i was or my friends even drop lower when they win the 7 games, this game has more bugs than the rest of the blizz games combined

There is only really 2 possible answers.

  1. Still bugged
  2. You’ve hit your level, time to focus on improving

I will always assume 2, and work from there because if the games bugged, it’s bugged. Nothing you can do. Always better just to focus on small improvements.

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u shouldn’t be ranking up backwards*

You can get your 7 wins and drop if you’re not playing well.

Maybe worth posting it on the tech channel to see if theres an issue there.

I am really doubting their competency when it comes to actually them testing their patches given the state of the initial release - and the bugs that were present to us all.

That’s because you haven’t kept up to date with the patches then.

I just finished 7 wins and 1 lost and still bronze 5. Can’t be bothered at this point. Fortnite for me. Don’t see any motivation

You have no idea what you’re talking about given previous comments on other posts - you didn’t even know the ranking issue was actually a bug, you actually thought it was by design :clown_face:

I sort of don’t blame you, but post it into the technical forum so they can review your account/situation. It could be an edge case they haven’t considered.

Have you read the patch notes and the dev updates… You clearly don’t as you’ve consistently proven yourself to be a bit short.

I think there is definatly multiple issues. Blizzard are always quick to denie an issue if there isnt one but of all the tags there getting on twitter / twitch and youtube much like the bronze 5 bug there silence is very very telling

Its the same SR system that ow1 had, just not visable to us ingame. U can still be on the low low end of bronze 5, win 7 and still be on bronze 5 cause U havent gained enough SR to climb. Easy as that. What makes it so frustrating is that we cant see our progress in anyway and track it, more then how many wins we got.
Flats made a video about the system on his second channel a few days aga (Flats Two) were he explains it.


Yep. I shared the video the other day. Only for the classic forum criers to disagree with it lol.

Hahaha ofc they would. Well we can only do so much i guess

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You can just flick through the forums and see them arguing against the facts

Hehe yeah I think I need to have a look at it. Thanx buddy

I have thanks. Stop spreading lies on the forums please, it is not wanted here.

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As you can see above, one of the folks I was talking about… Lol

as of right now, i played 9 games since my last promotion from g3 to g3 MUCH WOW

and after those 9 games: 7 wins 2 loses i got place from g3 to g5 so.
Im officially done with this game, there are no specifications how this ranking works and even if they did u should be ranking up backwards like wtf. done done done blizz.
so happy i didnt buy that battle pass fr

That’s because despite winning, it thinks you aren’t performing at that level.

It’s a tough cookie to swallow, I get it, but it stops people getting hard boosted.