Still unplayable

did the placements for the current season.

25 lost games and every single one was crap.

in theory Overwatch is a good game that i want to play.

but when i do i hate it.

see you next season.

Then you are placed too high. Try grinding it out. Or just stick to quick play and chill.

If you are only doing placements and quitting. You will never get to your true rank. So you are the issue here.

i played about two weeks before it, i didn’t just came back and started with the placements.

i’m “<500” so i doubt i’m “placed too high”

Then, all you need to do is “pop off” and you’ll be the win condition in most of your games.

That low, it is just a death match with an objective. If you keep dying, you aren’t going to be the reason you win. As dumb as that sounds.

i’m “<500” and doubt i can “pop off”

i’m always the worst player in the match

i tried getting better but i never did

You can always pop off. Skill is relative. You can easily be the best performer in your lobby.

I can’t comment on your personal skill, never seen you play. But 1 tip I got was to make sure you position where you can live, survive or escape.

In low low ranks, you often find people standing about in the open wondering why they are getting killed.

i did some vod reviews in season 20 or so.

weak aim, silver/gold-ish
very good positioning and game sense, plat-ish

actual rank: bronze (around 1000)

Then the person telling you what rank those ranks were lying to you.

If you were silver mechanic and plat sense, you’d easily carry games in bottom 500.

In your rank, playing a small pool of heroes and improving your mechanics on them will win you a lot more games.

what support should i play to “carry”?
what tank?
what dps?

As you’ve said aim is poor I would suggest.

Support - Brig (learn to protect your other support)
Tank - Monkey / Ball (both great if you just focus on movement and when to use cooldowns)
DPS - Torb (work on fun turret placements, low low ranks tend to ignore a turret if you find tricky spots for it)

I played a bit of Brig, rather useless when your DPS/Tanks run all over the place and Inspire never inspires. they expect the healers to follow them behind walls. most of the time i cannot see them so i cannot heal.
Winston is good and i played him quite a bit.
I loathe turrets but i can play well as Torb and Symmetra. still lose :frowning:

That is why Brig is good.

Your tanks and DPS can do that. You just need to give them packs. What you learn is where to position, usually with your other support. Your value comes from making sure you both survive.

Unless your other support goes Mercy, then you are a little screwed and have to do the same thing but play around the person you think is the most value (who ever is popping off).

Winston is good, especially when you learn to save jump to escape more often, rather than engage. You can wait on high ground, drop down, bubble, do some zapping, then run away.

Torb is easy value in lower ranks when you learn what turret placements work best. There is always “trick” spots on maps, but a safe option is to place it way behind your team. Something that makes it a pain to get to (6 people in the way), and has the added bonus of protecting from anyone being cheeky and flanking.

Not my best games, but this is low gold, and Torb causes players issues still… SX2G54 & 0DP29T (defence)

the problem is the other players. i try to play as best as i can but lots of things i learned or what people tell me to do is useless when i actually play.

if the dps yolos 1vs6 i refuse to follow (despite “heal me! heal me!”) because i know it’ll end with both of us being dead. if i position where i don’t die i don’t see anyone else and cant do anything. i watched lots of videos and read lots of guides. but it’s useless for my situation because everyone assumes it’s a team that wants to win. i had a game where the winston only jumped of a cliff the whole game. how do you carry that as support?

rule #1: don’t die to stupid things :slight_smile:


Oof, those DPS players who rush in, and die in first 15 sec of the game, haha

Seems like positioning is a one thing most people don’t understand, which is kinda depressing considering the fact that it’s a pretty much the first basic thing you need to know in most competitive games.

well, i played 20 more games and won 2 of them. both 6vs4 because a “bot” duo left after a minute.

i think i am def bronze and i’ll never get better. i try but i always get killed before i can do anything

This isn’t true.

You might be bronze now, but you can definitely improve, everyone can. But you need 2 things first.

  1. The willingness to improve (no point saying you want to and then not putting the effort in)
  2. If you struggle being subjective with your own game play (something we can all struggle with), find someone to watch your VOD’s who will be brutally honest with you. Maybe someone whos in a rank you think you can realistically achieve.

Bonus part is don’t forget it is just a video game. Make sure you are enjoying playing above anything else. If you are not enjoying it, then number 1 is going to be very difficult.

i’ll never be able to beat smurfs

You say that. But it is possible.

Watch the video from Emongg I think it is. 3 T500/pro PC players vs 6 silver to diamond console players.

The pros can’t win.

1 player isn’t going to win a match, just as much as 1 player won’t lose you the game.

Have faith!

I am sure you can find better offers, but if you want to add me and send me some codes, I am more than happy to give you my 10 cents on what I think you can do.

who would win 1 Pro + 5 silver vs. 6 silver?

it’s not possible, i tried long enough and it’s getting worse

no faith, no hope

Probably the first team. But that situation isn’t happening.

The few people that derank to troll in bronze, are diamond on their mains, at best. They are the sort that don’t find the grind to keep improving fun so find another way to have their “fun”.

2 T500 streamers + an OWL pro -vs- noobs like us… You will be surprised.