Stop complaining about smurfs

what do you mean with competitive this game is a unbalanced joke , you only play this to get some shooting done and log off again . even tea talk is better watched on twitch then this disaster ?

so you find it fun throwing down to lower ranks and destroying lower ranked players?..

because thats what a smurf is, not an alt account at the same rank as your main…


Well no i don’t find it fun, its annoying but i got my account to my sr quickly, and with fair games . Yes i did do better then others but still.
And i don’t create smurfs to destroy lower elo, i create them to play something i wan’t in my elo without risking my main account.

then its not a smurf, its an alt… and its not a problem and you’re not what people are complaining about…

a smurf, is someone who gets an account, purposely throws to get to a lower rank… just so they can use their main heros to absolutely destroy lower ranked people with no contest

Well i don’t agree with that, that is just a big ego boost.

yup, and its a massive problem that is justified in complaining about for us lower ranked people who can’t play the game because of it

People shouldnt do that. I didn’t know … hmm i thought smurfing / altaccs all the same . But my point still stays, it will always be in games can’t be fixed :frowning:

understandable ive met loads of people who conflate smurfing and alting…

this account i have is an alt and i have been accused of being a smurf, but this account is the same rank as my main account… so its not

it may always be in games, but it can be dealt with…

for instance if heros were balanced correctly for their ranks then smurfs would have a harder time abusing higher skilled heros in lower ranks (but alot of people don’t like this argument)

then there is limiting extra accounts or linking them some way so that smurfs can’t throw to lower ranks without effecting their main account… (this requires a competent consumer friendly company and not a money grubbing dumpster fire like blizzard)

there are ways of doing it… but meh…

makes: ''stop complaining about smurfs ‘’ thread

quelle surprise…Lets just move on lads.

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the whole ideology of smurfing is bad, you through other peoples games because you want to play at a lower rank. so smurfs are a bad thing. there’s no debating that. however people now exaggerate what smurfing is. for example I peaked masters on console, switched to pc. obviously my game sense transferred over but not my mechanics. I started of gold two season ago. I am now master on tank and diamond dps. and in that time I was called a smurf very other game. there’s nothing you can do about it. they are PAYING MONEY to do this. all yo can do is report them when they are throwing. but owning an account in a lower sr isn’t the worst thing in the world. yes it ruins games. but the people doing it are spending money and I think its around 15 hours to get to level 25. there is no point complaining there is very little us as a player base and blizzard can do.


I don’t smurf in lower rank, i play on my level, and on an account thats like for example tracer only or etc, because i can’t play that on main currently so i dont play on main (Here) to play on there and have fun ( still in my rank)

My problem here is these would be alt accounts and not smurfs.

The historical meaning of smurfs has been diluted because of people who refer to all their alt accounts as smurfs.

Smurfs have always been account that people have manipulated to be in lower ranks for nefarious means/“playing with friends”.

So, alt accounts = fine… smurf accounts = should be punched in the nads.


Well, i did not know that sorry!

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Thats fine. As with most issues in the world, education is the key.

And giving people a slap for calling things the wrong thing.

Like people calling 2 days of hot weather a heat wave… they need a swift kick in nuts.

I just think smurfing is bad for the lower players… especially people picking up the game… I don’t watch any streamers so I wouldn’t want them to do it either.

I think they could do something about it by assigning people an ID or something… there would be a way around it.

I think you know its an issue that’s why people are complaining about it… you can’t just leave something in that’s destroying the game and potentially going to destroy overwatch 2 also

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you may have that intention, what you fail to realise is in doing that, you are in fact destroying lower ranked players … ergo doing the very thing you said you dont do! also why can you not play another char on the same account at the same lvl this is the reason they have training areas

smurfs are bad, we know this. there is nothing we an do to stop it. this is a GAME COMPANY, not your personal toy where whatever you say goes. blizzard still need money to fund the games, and smurf account are probably quite a large amount of money over the lifetime of the game. and how do you propose they stop it? love it when people complain when they have zero idea of how to fix it

Make the comp qualification a higher level.

Keep Bronze levels (not rank) away from silver+

The issue is more that matchmaking and Rating Gains are built so that you are forced into smurfing if you don’t want to be stuck in a lower elo because you had to learn the game first.

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making the level higher only makes it harder, doesn’t stop it. and what happens to actual new players that are bronze level does that mean they ruin game for people at higher level cause the game won’t misact them because of the account level?

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