Stop pairing diamonds with silvers/golds

You imbecile coders, can you already fix your crap algorithm or do you want to PAY me for my time wasted?
Also fix your 50 cm next to head “headshots”, if your coders are too BAD to create a good engine just steal from CS:Go if that is the best you idiots can muster.
Just how BAD is your matchmaking and your hit code, what god forlorn amateurs are you employing?
With this aggravating third-rate fastfood game (disclaimer: Gfx+Sfx are great, you design-ppl rock, I’m just bashing the brainless coders here) you’re serving you seriously expect anyone to buy another Blizzard game? HELL no.

What mode are you playing?? I assume quick play…

But even in ranked diamonds can play with gold.

A diamond who’s just dropped can play with silver.

I wouldn’t worry too much. If there is one on their team, they will be grouped with a much lower player and both teams will have a roughly similar average MMR.

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It’s not about evening out the teams, it’s about absolutely no fun if the differences within your team are that big. It’s not gonna be fun, it’s gonna be a chore. Like being unpaid babysitter for Blizzard to work for their “motivation” algorithm they wrote about (pairing stronger with weaker players to ‘motivate’ them, on purpose). Unless you’re a pampered posterboy/girl hero like Tracer who can (because of how she works) doesn’t have to adjust much, you have to adjust your whole fricking playstyle downwards in its fundamentals to accomodate for the huge gap downwards so you can actually work as a team, instead of being able to play to your fullest, the worst are basically all tank roles, it’s just completely f’d up. That’s a main reason why I only queue on dps nowadays despite having been a tank/support main, it’s the slightly better of two evils. From 8 ppl we were when we started the game we’re just 2 now, the rest has already left OW behind for good a longer time ago because of bs matchups.

That is only a subject view from your PoV/mindset.

If I have people in my team, or against me, that are higher rank/clearly better I tend to watch the game back quickly to see how they positioned and where I was easy pickings for them.

A challenge is fun.

Edit: Thanks for commenting. Not helping the problem with this game though. For “my” pov.

Don’t even bother with rodimus AHEM “Nightwing” he is a blizzard shill that sucks the S*it Directly from blizzards source… in his eyes the game is perfect and we all just need to “Git Gud”

Hm, actually I had this feeling a little bit, but it was only very subtle at that time so I thought it was just my own bias maybe, so I edited my first reply (which was more anti-shill but then deemed over the top in hindsight). Well, thanks for the heads up.

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I like how you are still peddling this, despite being told repeatedly otherwise.

Guess the truth doesn’t suit your narrative does it, AllMight/Imposter

Turgid is an odd fellow.

But if enjoying the game and not blaming others for my mistakes makes me a “shill” so be it.

But him calling me a “shill” by proxy means he is calling Blizzard confidence tricksters or swindlers… which is a pretty big allegation and might want to get a lawyer and push them on that if he has evidence. .

It is fine, if you fail enough, eventually you will start to wonder if the world is against you. Turgid seems to struggle a lot at this game.

wasn’t talking to you, was talking about you, all of your “Advise” boils down to its your fault, blizzard is perfect and GiT GuD… which is unhelpful

you can play perfectly and lose because of the matchmaker blizzard coded… thats blizzards fault

blizzard are confidence tricksters, they promised a game which is “Fun and inclusive for all” <— exact words spoken before the game even launched…

what we got was, “Fun and Inclusive for DPS mains who play the maybe 4 meta picks… and screw everyone else especially tank players”… this is a mis sold product in any other space other than video games apparently

so yeah, have fun sucking the dingleberrys off of blizzards clagnet nightwing

If you are going to be silly… at least spell correctly… lol.

And use capital letters correctly.

AllMight. You didn’t need to come back.

Ballache is Nightwing, he’s already told you. Guess you can’t read.

Not sure how the game being so heavy with shields and AoE healing makes it fun for DPS players. Ask any DPS player worth their salt and they will tell you it is the least impactful role.

If you lose. You didn’t play perfectly.

If you play perfectly you will never lose… alas, no one has ever played perfectly.

Ok nightwing, keep up your shilling for blizzard NIGHTWING!..

Matchmaking can’t make up players dude. There are very little number of players available so it just puts whatever is available.

OW doesnt have any content so you are going to have to deal with it or stop playing Comp like the rest of us.

Lol. What even is that meant to be. An insult? A put down?

I think you are trying to accuse me of being someone else, someone I am not, as a way of making yourself seem like the big man and make me seem like my opinion is somehow worth less…

Or you could have just lost your mind completely.

Whatever you say Nightwing

Good reply. Well done AllMight.

whatever you say nightwing


Next you’ll reply with something along the lines of “no… 20 characters” when you’re unable to dig yourself out of the hole you landed in.

One day you will have something useful and constructive to add/say.

yeah i agree, you’re in your rank for a reason, do not cross rank matchmake, even if you do have the same type of ranked players on the opposite team it just drags down the game quality in of itself.

like i can understand the concept of not having enough players in order to shorten qeue times to not be infinite waiting rooms, but that’s where the exception should be, but even so, in ranked it might not be justified because it undermines the value of the rank itself.

as for QP, there shouldn’t be 2-2-2 because really nobody is even attempting to play in an organized manner that makes 2-2-2 work for the other 2 roles.

If you have 12 solo que players, you will have 12 people matched around the same MMR/SR.

If you group it becomes more complicated. But the 2 teams will be roughly the same average.

That sounds pretty fair and reasonable to me.

The only time it is “weird” is in the highest ranks and the arcade modes where there are so few players, what do you expect it to do