Stuck in silver as a healer what to do?


i feel like the “more so than some dps characters” isn’t true, it really just means that the dps are straight up bad at what they do, all damage characters (and most tanks) can always deal more damage than any healers, the only reason a healer can ever get top damage is that the dps are doing nothing (or little at least) exception being on instances where damage is automatically dealt (ahm moira) and that is only the case on low ranks, no healer should ever be able to get a medal for damage at all (maybe bronze but occasionally) while having top healing, this just means they are not placed at the proper ranking

guess my only solution really is to keep playing so my teammate luck cancels out…


Sucks that your teams are terrible, but focus on improving yourself, medals oftentimes don’t mean anything. Learn new tricks, learn safe positioning and predict enemy movement. Learn every supports counter and how to play around them.

_For example, i was playing on King’s row defence as Mercy, and went to ressurect my fallen teammate on the roof watched by widowmaker while enemies started the push. _
_Widowmaker headshoted me on the way there and lucio was not enough to heal tanks, gg wp, my one move had put whole defence in shiet and we lost. But gold healing i was, with Valkirye ready!


It is like Buddhism, ignore world around you and focus on yourself… :slight_smile:
If your teammates play death-match instead of competitive there is no way around it. I had so many 5 golds with Moira and lost anyways, so get real and fix game design. There was an application called oversumo, where you could see how your last performance compared to players on various ranks. I had multiple times diamond performance on gold rank and still lost games and still got de-ranked. SO ITS STUPID GAME DESIGN, NOT BAD MENTALITY.


Bull excrement answer.
When you are stuck with bad team it doesn’t mean you are bad.
I’m main healer, before the update i always achieved Plat rank. Now, like op after the new comp mod i just went in a spiral of losses. I repeat i’m main healer, but now i have higher rank with tanks (which i also main) and DPS (which i never played at all)! This only means one thing: in low rank, you can only play game changing heroes to help win the game. When playing healers you have little influence on the outcome of the game because no matter how hard you heal, if your dps lack damage and if your tank can’t create space, then you are bound to loose.

To OP: I see few things to help you out:

  • Team up with friend with higher rank,
  • or join groups before trying comp,
  • and in both case try to communicate as much as possible.

Else, with the current game mode, it’s damn hard to go higher.
I’m like you, stuck in low gold, and going even lower…