Stucking In Elo Hell


Yeah sounds pretty much that you got an increase since before it was terrible (widow / silver) which probably gives you the edge with osu.

I play osu with a wrist aim. Big circles, far distance. So i can flick to the next position.

While ow i play more arm aim.
Small heads, close distance and a need for more than just 180 turns within a sec.

I basically switch between movement aim (arm) to head tracking (wrist)

Do you click with the mouse or your keyboard?
All my friends clicking with the mouse can’t beat 3* maps.

Sorry for hijacking the thread.


Someone who is really good at osu said I need to use keys not mouse and i should probably do that soon but I click with mouse.


I just had the idea that you clicked with the mouse if you struggle with the fast followed circles, since clicking on the keyboard doesn’t overload your mouse hand, and safes your aim.


If you’re good you will climb