Switching main role

Guys I need your help. I’m a support main and I feel like that I should go to tank. I played so much Bap recently that I’m just tired of Baptiste. So that’s why I want a bit variety. So should I stay on support or is it better to switch to tank?
Ps: I don’t think about dps cuz I’m a bad dps

You’re acting like it’s a major commitment to swap… which actually explains my teammates behaviour.

Just play whatever you like! You won’t improve if you don’t play it.

As long as you’re having fun, just play whatever role takes your fancy.

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If you feel like you’d like a change, try it. I am a support main but when I get tired of playing that role i’ll switch off and play tank. As a support you’ll know that the position of the tank is really important, so you’ll have a little insight there already. Only way to get better is to try.

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