Tactical Gaming EU now recruiting for teams

Hi, looking for a clan/community? Tactical Gaming was founded in 2004 to bring like minded gamers together. We are currently recruiting for Overwatch EU, with teams participating in regular sessions and scrims. SIgn up at tacticalgaming .net

We are looking for mature, friendly players who want to join a dedicated community, with sessions every week. All skills levels are welcome and team-play is encouraged, with our roster divided into teams, managed in a professional manner.

If you are tired of playing Overwatch with uncooperative teammates, then our clan is here to help you have fun, and to help each other improve along the way.

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I used to be a member of this clan a while ago and I can highly recommend them to Overwatch players. Here you will find organised and friendly members who will help make your OW experience much more pleasant. :slight_smile: