Talking about Hong Kong gets insta-banned from US forums


I guess all the mods there all work for CCP-Talon coalition too.


I hope the US forum gets bombarded with nothing but HK threads. Let them learn a lesson from this that there’s more to life than just :moneybag: and you don’t ban and punish a kid for a year just because he said free HK.


Makes me wonder if any of the mods there feel even a lick of shame.

Becoming de-facto censors for the Chinese state is probably not how they imagined themselves when applying for the job.


Weird. I’ve been talking about it just fine with no ban. One of my comments did get moved to the mega thread though.


this dude is lying lol, i am on the us forums the whole time … they merge the forums into one big one because there is a lot of spams