Terrible balancing now

I really don’t like how this game has been “balanced”.

My favourite heroes basically don’t exist anymore due to removing CC from any heroes other than tanks. It isn’t good being told to “handle genji” when there’s literally no heroes in the dps or support roles capable of doing so.

Sombra hacks have been completely nerfed to the point where they just aren’t even worth doing. Stopping someone from using an ability for 0.2 seconds when it takes 0.6 seconds to hack them is pointless.

Honestly, it once again feels like Blizzard haven’t tested anything, and just rolled out whatever.

Oh, and whoever came up with the zarya concept needs sacking.
Shield every 5 seconds, for a duration of 5 seconds, or give the zarya 40 charge.
So, you either have to break her bubble and deal 400 damage before she can press Shift and deal 200 damage to you at a faster rate than you can deal damage.

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Mei is literally a hard counter to genji but hey, complain more instead of actually trying.

Symmetra can also be used. Just put turrets down at your position and any genji who swoops in is going to get melted.
Sojourns disruptor field is always a good deterrent for enemy dps as well.
You can also still hack him as sombra and send him running.

I know what his counters are… I’m saying they’re pretty useless given the circumstances at the moment in the game. Genji is picked in like 3 in every 4 games played. It’s a pretty insane pick rate - Same as Sojourn.

Stop needlessly defending something that isn’t balanced.

He’s got a bit of a dodgy reputation due to his past trollpick status, but Torb is actually one of the best Genji counters at the moment.

I dont know what youre talking about, to this day he’s one of the easiest characters to counter. Hes better now than before but he was a trollpick before. People switch to counter phara but dont for some reason when it comes to genji, i will never understand why.

Oh, picks to handle Genji? Moira, Winston, Sym… and Zen with his discord can help bring him down faster, and his ult nullifies his blade if used at the correct time. I suggest just watching Genji, wait until he is finished deflecting and get him. Also, shoot him during his ult to do some damage, even if you know you’re gonna die to it. Good luck

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No one force you to play it. New Balance for me mean new level of the game ,

I do not see any problem with Genji , very well balanced like every other heroes.

What about Beta,we had 3 waves as far I remembar and the last opporunity was within watchpoint pack.

What you seem to describe is that there should be a counter for Genji where Genji has abselutly no chance of winning against… What they did is make it less about hard counters but to have counters. Better player simply wins and in the long run, this makes the rank matchmaking system better since better players go higher rank. I really haven’t experienced Genji to be OP. Just go phara against him and Genji is useless.