testing new things

New accounts needs to removed from from competitive till they reach at least 400-600 level and players start care about that account, their placement in competitive games, behaviour in chat/voice chat, etc

I play around 300 - 400+ game per season in all specs and open que.

I’m stuck in gold with all specs at this moment except open que. In open que I’m able to get to platinum but cant keep my self in because of big numbers of players with new accounts who are either smurfs, trolls/throwers/leavers or players who simply don’t care, who have their main accounts ban and play cba style.
There are very few new players who (only blizz computer algorithm knows) get to gold and low plat but u can easily notice them coz they truly don’t know nothing, for example they don’t use LOS as a way to save them self not to mention picks, comps, counterpicks, using high ground as advantage, etc …

Reason why I’m able to reach plat is because I’m able to switch in between all classes/specs in order to counter enemy team and win but that have limits coz it’s not one man game it’s about team play …

I’m aware of my fails, lack of skills in some specs but I’m really trying, but when all your SR can be lost with in couple of games because of those players mention earlier, it’s really frustrating and blizzard should really do something about it.

When I ask some of those players and ask them why they throwing they just say “cba” … why allow those players to play competitive then?

There are quick matches and arcade/quick play, where they can do whatever they want but no, they intentionally chose to play competitive and troll/throw/leave simply coz they can and don’t care will that new account will gone get ban or not.

I would like to make one example, in World of Warcraft, in order to go (just gone mention dungeon finder) into some dungeons you need to get certain item level so that you could go in. That means you need to spend more time in game to achieve those requirements, after that as you need to get higher and higher item levels to get into higher level dungeons and raids and then for high level of content, HC/mythic raids and mythic+ dungeons you need to have skill.

My point is, there is progressive curve that get you prepared to high level content, which we could say that should be competitive games, you are not getting into HC/mythic content with new char, you need to invest time, become good with it and then you play most rewarding content.
Same should be apply in Overwatch, you should not be able to make new account and jump straight away into competitive games and do what ever, smurf/troll/throw/leave/cba playing, competitive game should be gated with either profile level or some achievement in quick matches or in arcade, that will prove that this player is ready to do some serious competitive gaming, and by serious I’m not meaning professional playing but to come to a state, okay I will do what ever it takes (that means, change class, hero, etc) in order to outplay enemy team to win.

So please, there is clear difference, when play with players of similar account level and those who have new accounts, so please do something about it.

This is a long winded way of saying you want to gate keep?

Although saying that, you should have to link accounts to a single email/ID and have a shared MMR. That would ease a lot of the issues people have with a very small number of accounts.