Text Chat, actual throwing ?


Why typing is allowed while match is going? Where do we need text chat while match is going? Just asking, not blaming anyone :smile: But seriously i have been thinking why, seriously why, we allow so many games get " ruined " by a person who just sit in spawn room and either typing to team or match chat who is trolling, who is throwing, who needs to be reported, who is not healing, who is not doing hes job and who’s mom gets spanky tonight! Like seriously, do we need toxicity and and ACTUAL throwing like this while match is going? Personally i don’t see any reason to use text chat while gaming, i use mic if i have something to say, but i like to hear your opinion about am i wrong, is text chat really needed while Comp match is going?

e: I think persons who can’t or are too shy to use voice chat should be silent… :smile: And not allowed to throw games by spending time to typing while rest of team is actually do or at least trying to do something. I don’t know is this issue as popular in high tier games like in Master - GM, but at least in here, bottom of basket, Bronze - Silver games like every single match at least one person stops moving, stop fighting and " blame someone about doing nothing "… Like seriously? You stop playing and start type that someone is not doing hes job :smile: ?


Usually people type when they’re dead… The function of the text chat is to communicate with your team, since the majority of players don’t have mics or don’t want to use them.

As for “why are there so many players who don’t want to win?”; the reality is that some people find enjoyment in upsetting others. Typing in chat is not throwing, though.


Well i see more common that ppl usually type after dead and they should do something instead of saying " healers are not healing, pls report my team, tank are doing nothing ". Personally i really don’t see point of typing after dead, if you really want say that " Reaper is behind you " you should say it in mic instead after dead bcoz probably you are too late then. Also i only see negative toxic typing 90% of time, personally if someone start cry about my gaming in text chat i just ignore and block them. Common subject is " pls give heal " while that user is blocking bullets by hes head at choke point instead of staying behind shield or corner. And if we think about console gaming, is there text chat and how many use it after dead…? Does they REALLY need it or does they be silent or just use mic? I still think that typing while game is going is as bad throwing as jumping on gliff… you are not doing anything usefull :smile: But thx for your reply anyway, lets see if we get more opinions :slight_smile:


im all for it. maybe some more people would show up in voice channel. If you are not in voice, then stfu completely and dont type.


Only scenario when this can be used effectively is to say stuff like Left, Right before match starts when people are not in voice chat, so they do not even hear you. Right now nothing prevents you from muting whole team or opponent channel on team menu. You will not read or hear s**t during whole game. Some players play much better without being constantly disturbed and are playing intuitively much better than talkative ones, so while I have freedom to adjust my experience I’m ok with current state, let people breathe. If I don’t want to listen to anyone screaming how big idiot I’m it should also be fine, while I may want to communicate critical stuff like, mccree is counter to tracer (and get reported for being toxic :).