Thank you, heroes. Let's talk about our next steps for Overwatch 2!

Appreciate that they actually made a post on their bad state of launch. But holy crap talk about terrible compensation. Double XP weekends?! That’s not compensation that’s just what online games do on weekends from time to time. A weapon charm?! I don’t even notice the weapon charms I have on now. So why would I care about a new one. I could maybe get behind the skin but even then it’s not great. To all the people who don’t play reaper this is just another trash can skin. I guess I should be glad they are compensating us in any way but what a piss poor attempt at it just like this launch

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Any ETA on the Xbox achievement bug?

Biggest bug is that it’s quite literally impossible for any F2P player to get a skin besides this and that kiriko twitch drop.

8 months of grinding is a disgusting amount for a single skin. I’ve completely given up on getting any new legendaries. In overwatch 1 I was able to get skins for pretty much every character without spending a dime. at least make it so the battle pass gives you 1000 legacy credits if you level up all the way through.

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Thats cool and all but but how about you fix the missing skins bug for Symmetra and Widow

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Shameful pricing and no credits given from the battle pass? Come on. You’re pricing people out of even wanting to start the Overwatch journey. I love this game but will never spend a penny on principal. Seriously, these prices are gross. And damn, I was looking forward to getting a new skin for my guy, Lucio.


I’ve enjoyed the gameplay of Overwatch 2 a lot, and it’s been great fun. It would be nice if they brought back the levelling up system from the previous game, I liked it a lot.

I will say though that It’s very sad that Overwatch ‘2’ is also following the Fortnite/Rocket League monetization scheme of hiding things behind the stupid BS battle pass paywall for items that were originally ‘free’ by playing Overwatch 1. It is a real slap in the face for people who bought the ‘first’ game.

Even worse, I can’t even go back to Overwatch ‘1’ to enjoy the original gameplay and experience. Because of course, that would mean less money for Blizzard.

Games nowadays aren’t designed to be fun anymore, they’re disguised gambling slot machines trying to tempt people in paying for content that should already be free. People that already bought Overwatch ‘1’ should have access to all of the content behind the battle pass.

Unfortunately, normies are still going to pay for battle passes, and they are the reason we’re in this mess. I was really happy with the way things were done in Overwatch ‘1’, where you could play the game and unlock everything slowly over time. At least it was ‘fair’ in that sense, but still, it would have been great if people weren’t able to pay for lootboxes.

This isn’t even a real sequel, it’s Overwatch 1.1 with content that was free behind a paywall.

No, that was the old lootbox system. Where you could pay to end up only getting dupilicates.

At least now, if you want something, you can just get it. No gambling, no disguises. The price is clear (that price being too high or low is another discussion for another time).

This is a common misconception people have. This isn’t even the full game, merely the small PvP side of it. When the game is fully released, if you still don’t think it is a sequel… then fair enough. You’d be wrong, but at least you’ve made that judgement with all the information.

If the price is clear… why do they use an “premium” currency to obscure the actual cost? Or are we going to pretend that isn’t at least a part of the whole function that a “premium” currency has?

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That currency has a clear price in the shop.

The only use that so there are options to earn it.

There is no disguising costs, they are front and centre. Now are those costs too high? Personally I think a little yeah. But they’ve clearly got the data to show it’s about right for now.

It obscures the cost of what you buy with the currency, not of the currency itself. That’s the point.

And let’s not go there… pretending that it’s just there so you can “earn” it. The whole reason you can earn it at a trickling rate is to erode your patience.

It’s a well know and established free to play practice; there’s plenty of presentations available that will explain in detail how and why it works.

Not to mention the whole sunk cost fallacy that both earning it and the “bonus” currency induces.

It’s totally to encourage you to buy more. Nothing wrong with that, they don’t want you to have cosmetic stuff for free. They want you to pay for their time and effort.

If you don’t like it, there is literally no point complaining, they know it’ll make money with or without you. Just don’t be part of the problem, don’t give them your money.

I bought the watchpoint pack because I wanted to pay for their work. After that, not a dime as I don’t use different skins, or sprays and emotes.

People confuse feelings and logic. I FEEL like it’s a little too pricey, so I won’t pay. But LOGICALLY I can see it’s the best way to go and will help maximise revenue streams thus enabling greater potential future development.

There’s a difference between a value based system of monetisation and an extraction based system of monetisation. If you put these on a gradient; Overwatch “2” leans heavily into the extraction side; where averaged out individual purchase decisions aren’t all that instrumental in determining the overall outcome, after all, your looking for whales in a sea of millions of fish. So you and a million others deciding not to buy is easily offset by a handful of whales, who are psychological manipulated into purchasing. Of course a whole discussion can be had about responsibility; but at the end of the day, it is shared and a much larger entity is willing to overhaul their entire game just to trap these kinds of players, at the cost of the rest of the player base, one, ought to be at least wary.

Oh and let’s not pretend that this is their only avenue for monetising their game. There’s a host of options available, but this is the one they chose.

There is plenty of reason to complain, especially if you consider the fact that they’ve overwritten a game many have paid for with this ‘new’ version. Such degradation of a paid product should not pass by unnoticed. Furthermore; even if we limit it to gaming, there’s being plenty of cases where “complaining” has resulted in change. Certainly, it’s often still a compromise, but less of a bad thing is surprisingly less bad. If one is so eager for logic, this should be obvious and self evident.

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Sorry not reading all that.

We can end this now with a simple tips. Don’t pay if you don’t like it. They will only change if people don’t pay. Tears don’t mean a thing to them.

You not paying doesn’t mean a thing to them either.

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True, but I keep my money and get a free game I enjoy to play. I win.

OW1 made a billion $ within the first year. OW2 already has nearly triple the player base… You think they care about anyone on the forums complaining about prices right now? Lol

If everyone thought like this, what money would Blizzard make from this game exactly?

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None. That is the point.

If you want them to change something, hit them where it hurts. Don’t cry about it on a forum, because the population here is too small to even make enough noise for them to care.

Exactly… And there you were saying F2P will make more money than purchasing the actual game, when many many people feel the same way you do about not wanting to spend money on it…

Many people will feel the same and not spend money, more power to them. But, we are in the minority and that is good news because that means, for now the content and development will flow.

I just have other things I’d prefer to buy as I don’t need skins and sprays.