Thanks Blizzard


You have finally gave me a reason to actually quit and never play any blizzard games in my life ever again, good riddance and good luck getting out of the hot mess you have bestowed upon yourselves.


so true. blizzard is only good at messing everything up and getting themselves into more dangerous waters.
if anything most people now a days a qutting playing their games because they are boring , broke or the company themselves need to put their act together.
not only that but now there’s the stupid hong kong crisis that they are dealing with / the release of a game on the switch and and event all at once.
srys blizzard is such a big screw up and there games have become more of a waste of time to play.


No one cares… … …


Why did you post then ?

I heard China is the perfect country for people like you, they don’t like people having an negative opinion there either.


I think theyre fine if you have a negative opinion of Hong Kong or Taiwan. Sorry just been nit-picky :stuck_out_tongue:


They are only good for generating salary for kotick not creating great games.

Let’s ALL double his salary to 6.4m$ next year, isn’t this what we’re suppose to do?

Sometimes I’m not even sure why I even bother.


Aight Polo, Google NBA and China crisis, and ask yourself if you want blizzard to turn the key and close for good, because latest 6 years of Blizards funds has gone into expanding their market to China, they cannot afford to get the same treatment as NBA, They literally won’t survive as a publisher, they need return on their investments. And getting exlcuded from the Chinese market is the direct way to lay off 80% of the employes. Think just think! I bet Blizzard don’t wan’t to have to deal with this storm, but ofc. they can’t pull their ban! Real world isn’t always fair or decent, right here this would mean mass lay offs, and Blizzard also has a responsibility towards its employes! If that is not reason to change your mind, well then aight, its a free world after all. But it is naive to think Blizzard has a choice here, its not a free contry they are up against its a communistic one, where the market ISN’T FREE. Sometimes it’s nessecary to take a look at the bigger picture. What would you do if you had hundreds of employees and your company’s future in your hands and witnessing NBA go down like Pearl Habour, for something similar!?


I really dislike bringing politics into game forums, but

Right back at you.
I personally think it’s terrifying that a US company has to fear over something that has been said by a single player, so much so that they are, as you say, risking bankruptcy.

I am completely against bringing politics into games, even though blizzard themselves used it as a marketing move on occasion. I also agree that some sanctions were in order since it was against their rules. But I don’t think that people reacting as they are is unreasonable, if you think of the bigger picture, bigger than blizzard.


Care to elaborate why it’s such a mess? Imo heroes like Doom ruin the game but yano.


Yeah fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: correction anything negative about China :stuck_out_tongue:


Goodbye! The less of you there are making pointless spam posts the better!


better to die on your feet, than live on your knees

sometimes its about more than money


Yeah cause supporting human freedom is pointless spam. You will talk differently if its too late and they start censoring you and put your face on a billboard and cut you off public transport cause u trowed a milkshake at the streets.

Not wanting any influence of China i don’t really call pointless spam.


I won’t disagree with you, in terms of Blizzard’s options before deciding to move into China, but going all ethical and mad on Blizzard for a decision they had to make, hands were tied. Can be both appropriate, and out of meassure. I personally think people overract because they don’t want to see it objectively when it comes to rights. But just as you are not allowed to spread lies that could hurt someones reputation, you are not allowed to hurt a company’s position by speaking on its behalf in a political view, which they either have to support or oppose. Blizzard had no good option, because excercising their right to remain neutral, would be seen as not staying neutral. Not staying neutral, would be seen as supporting unrest, in its business partner who just happens to be China. Blizzard did the only thing they could do if they were to avoid creating precedens, (not sure hot to spell it). That is the bigger picture im refering to. Blizzard is NOT and I repeat NOT the political power in the United States, and cannot negotiate on the behalf of the United States and its’ people! Though it was a risky business move, game development is like mobilising forces on rail roads… once you start investing in a game, you wont see a daim before its released and selling copies. Blizzard will not have the money to invest in new projects if you lose all investments in a failed assets, but your reaction matter! Because this combined with last year means that Blizzard messed up, failures are good! They make us learn, which is why I obviously can’t speak for Blizzard, but their pursuit of the Chinese market will likely be dropped in future investments, or done quite differently. Do I think the player in question deserved his punishment? Yes absolutely he didn’t respect his part of the contract. A contract is an agreement you do not break! If he didn’t like it he had the right not to sign it! So let me conclude, I am not here to judge peoples reaction, all I say is maybe its a good idea to count to 10 and think, before choosing how to react. I personally don’t think Blizzards official statement was weak, i think it was inline with the conclusion i came to as well. And I think they are reacting to the pressure when they change their reaction. I don’t see it as a reaction as in don’t mess with China, I see it as Clear message to send that if you break your contract, and dont honour their deals, it will have consequences. Which is why I personally don’t support the boycut, but anyone who don’t identify with that, can choose whatever they want to do. Me reason for responding in the first place is that it all semed very one sided, so I urge people to try to see it from multiple angles, before making up their mind.


There was an easy way for blizzard to proceed in the wake of what happend and it goes like this

ahem the player’s whomever political and ethical opinions are not endorced by and do not reflect the opinions of blizzard or its subsidiarys blizzard and its parent company activision neither condones or condemns the actions taken in regards to the ongoing protests in hong kong and will not be dragged into a political or moral debate regarding real life actions or events…

Nothing else was necessary or wouldnt be if blizzard wasnt so desperate to get their thirsty tongue as deep into china’s asshole as possible


How is jamming up the forum helping the people in HK? Please explain to me how your actions are anything except a shameless attempt to prove how good YOU are for opposing what you see as evil. You’re not the good guys here, you’re vultures.


Normally I would agree, but their decision to punish both the castors and the player seems very heavy handed and very one sided, so much so that it caused such a reaction from people, with the apology to china. What Badafarusima said, that would have been sufficient, along with a suspension of the player.

More so, if they decided to work with a country that can possibly punish, censor and manipulate them and their users as they would their own, that is on Blizzard themselves for going down that path. People do need to judge such actions so it doesn’t spread further. I’m not very concerned about china having influence in a video game, but further than that, oh I am very concerned.

I agree that many have just jumped on the wagon due to a knee-jerk reaction, but so has blizzard with their action when the player made the statement. I’ve been blizzards fan for a long long time, but if it means that china gets the message that their behavior is not welcome in europe or us, I am completely fine with just walking away. If it didn’t feel like blizzard was trying to make an example out of the player and the casters for just speaking out about china in particular, people wouldn’t have reacted the way they did, instead people are making an example out of blizzard.


honestly china doesnt care… China is a super power, with more than a billion people, China can afford to be China whenever they please. Sucks but its the truth.


Winnie the pooh would beg to differ


Cause not everyone has billions of dollars too be actually be able too help them. It is better too support it by attacking the company who attacks human freedom rights on their forums even though it does not help them (HK) directly. It is atleast way better calling people vultures while not giving a dem about it.

Besides it is nothing different then your attempt feeling superior, if you think you can help the cause better then show it.