The #DELETEBRIG problem and why Overwatch is in great danger because of that


Although i agree with you got to say 1 thing first… use the enter key more often cause it is hard to read.

Anyway myself I’m not a huge fan of brig either but I find it more easily to counter her then a spastic DF zooming all over the place. The thing is why this movement is happening because i feel like the majority of player are 1 trick DPS players or more like the younger generation in favor for DPS based game style.

Like you said the problem with Doomfist is that he is part of the CC problem but is barely spoken off. It is always the DPS based heroes who are more famous for the sheeps to play because in their narrowed mind only those require skill. But the funny part is i bet when the DF nerf patch will hit you will see a big decline of DF players. Even though they claim they like skill based heroes, the moment they are not FotM and need even more “skill” they stop playing heroes like DF.

This community don’t get that the biggest skill in this game is about game sense and working as a team. In their narrowed mind they think a “skilled” hero should own anything like more simple heroes like Rein and Winston. Yet without them in their team with these so called “no skill” heroes they are nothing.

So in short they will never make this move to a DPS based hero cause people thinking those require and engineering degree of skill set ( holding a mouse steadily is sure an achievement to mention in your job application right? ) So if they want to stay true to their CC complain then DeleteDF campaign should also happen. Not that any hero would be ever deleted no matter how much they cry. Cause everyone has a hero they wished to be deleted like for me delete Genji, WM and DF but luckily that is not going too happen, neither will brig be deleted.


Split up your wall of text into paragraphs.


i mean playing tank is just twice as hard as it used to be. that’s it.


As if it wasn’t already hard enough.


The community’s idea of ‘skilled’ is actually really just a word for “hey, you actually get punished for bad positioning and decisions, and if you didn’t, you really put effort into getting out.”

This is not the same for Brigitte.


I think the problem here is that they create a hero that require 0 skill to stop a hero that demands hours to get good at and even make a difference in a match. They need to stop giving heroes that demands no practise to just erase genjis/doomfist with just a shieldbash. It doesnt add up. This is the reason so many players are leaving this game. My friendlist use to be filled with people playing the game. Now I’m surprised if there are even 3 ingame.


The true evil are Brigitte, Reinhardt and the heroes similar to them.


I’m just going to add some pro players take adderall to aim better and then they are heroes like Brig. Ofc they will get salty. And i don’t think that they will delete her lol. But a good nerf is needed.


The reason this go’s out of hand is because they give into it instead of taking action against those that go overboard, don’t like the game don’t play it, i know i probably stop playing, tired of this toxicity.


I dont get why they keep nerfing her Shield and CC instead of her damage? I think people see it completely wrong, she should be able to CC the hell out of incoming Divers but she has no business Killing every single one of them by herself. thats what i dont get. Im far from an expert but i feel like she can have even more CC as long as she loses all of this damage potential, she can just stop the dives critical abilities with her CC and make her teammates job to kill them ten times easier, that would make her an actual tank/healer hybrid instead of this weird thing shes starting to turn into now.


You have it backwards. Her CC is the reason people hate her, not the damage. She doesn’t simply CC flankers, she CCs EVERYONE in her range including characters who are not flankers thus making life miserable for them too. Without her mighty CC she can actually be dealt with even in her own range which is the point.


Just remove her and the problem is solved.


Give her like 40% shield damage-ish after a bash and her OP status would drop drastically haha


Long before Brig and Moira were created, I was here on the forums (except I guess it was the old forums) calling for a tank/support hero. She was a cyborg triceratops, coss why not? :yum:

The concept actually had elements that would be used in both Moira and Brig, but the hero itself was designed very much around being both a support and a tank.

What they gave us didn’t align with what I envisioned, as Brigs kit was designed more around being like a DPS/killer hero.

Brig is very close to what I had in mind in some respects but different in others. My idea had the LMB from Moira as she spewed out a short range AoE cone heal. Her RMB increased allies fire rate, so simular to Mercys damage beam only potentially more effective on certain types of heroes. I also tinkered with anti CC abilities and a beam that made the cooldown on abilities go down faster for allies. She had a ranged single target heal very similar to Brigs E. Her health was between a 200 hp hero and a Zarya, and she had a barrier like Reinhardts.

So, her gameplay was more about switching between using her barrier, close ranged healing and using a long ranged burst heal.

Anyway, what is my point, you might be asking?

Well, I guess it’s that, as a support player I was looking for a tank/support hero rather than a DPS with a little tank/support on the side, which is kind of what Brig is.

Their “nerfs” are more like a “redirecting” of what Brig is about, I guess. I will say that if she were to be less about trying to murder everything in her path and be more about the tanking / healing then I might be tempted to try her out again.


Why we complain about brigitte are you serious?
The character wins 1v1 against any character except reinhardt.
Brigitte is easy to play, turn off brain, press w and get kills.
Instant heals
Passive healing
and she has a fuc**** shield


Just wanna clarify, it has been seen, that pros take adderall to perform better. This is why pro players get drug tested now, this is true in CS:GO, where it was first observed and my friend who plays at the top level have to do drug test to prove they are clean.


You seem to be very delusional.

  1. You seem to be kind of a lot of “Mains”, so what character do you main ?

I will say this as Reinhardt main: I hate being stunned every time by a Doomfist, but i actually never complained about his kit because he was meant to do that and not only. He was meant to be a high-mobility flanker that punches you, stuns you and after, he kills you because of it. But i never complained, i didn’t ask about Doomfist nerfs and i never requested about him to be deleted.

It’s not only me that hates him, but the majority of the support mains hate him too, but i never saw them complaining about him, or at least requesting for him being deleted. But, unlike the me and the majority of the support players, the DPS players are not only hate Brigitte, but they requesting for her being deleted, they even started protesting against Brig by changing their names to #DELETEBRIG.

Why the support players don’t protest against Doomfist but instead the DPS players are protesting against Brig? Because support players are knowing that Doomfist was meant to have this super annoying kit that he has but they totally accepted it because his kit is what made Doomfist “Doomfist” and they found some methods to counter him. The DPS players cannot accept Brigs annoying kit that makes her “Brigitte” because they cannot adapt or they are totally bad at this game or they just lived in their basements all their whole life playing Call Of Duty (i don’t try to offend the DPS players by saying this but the most of them are acting like playing COD instead of OW and OW is a different game than COD).

Simply incorrect, the new and multiple nerfs to doomfists proves how much he was also whined about, the main difference being prob two things. Doomfist is by far more skill requiring than Brigitte is and the amount of DPS players > the amount of Support players, which might also affect this.

Also again completely without any shred of logic, “stop listening, to the players proven to be the most able and finessed at playing your game”. Whether you like it or not, pros and high rated players a like are by far the best to balance around if you want a “Balanced game, determined by skill”, cause at their level, everything is at the peak of their performance. Their complaints are way more valid, than else where, cause at their level it isn´t always just a matter of actually getting better, learning to play, teamplay or outplay. At the top unbalance is shown the most.

Again you dont complain about smurfs and Widow, yet they are two very heavily discussed topics on the overwatch forums. So much in fact, that Jeff multiple times have addressed smurfs in fact. Widowmaker has multiple threads about her from low rank people like yourself, yet higher ranked players dont really mention her, unlike Brig and Doomfist.

For me, Brigitte did more good than evil. But if you want to turn Overwatch into a COD too, you can delete Brigitte, you can delete Reinhardt too aswell, you can delete even Mercy and Winston. But if you actually do that, then its not Overwatch for me, i didn’t buy Overwatch to play around corners and aiming, i bought it because it’s different than any other shooter. But, if you want to kill your own game in favor of those “memers” that changed their names to #DELETEBRIG, then it’s alright, i don’t care either. I don’t care about Symmetra, i don’t care about Mercy and i dont care about Bastion mains, and im stupid to put my voice in the OW forums because i main Reinhardt, Genji, Zenyatta, Lucio, Torbjorn and Brigitte. But for me personally, i like this game, and i want to be as better as possible for all the players. For the rest, it’s up to you.

Brig did more good than evil you say, lets try and analyse should we.


  1. Put an end to the dominating dive meta, that only affected the GM or higher ranks and pros. around 2% of the playerbase, anyone claiming otherwise are lying cause the stats showed this.

  2. Brought reliable counter for Tracer, that weren´t horribly balanced, like Mccree and Mei.

  3. More supports, since tanks and supports are still outnumbered by the cast of DPS available.

Bad things she did:

  1. Introduced absolute hard countering, where even at the pro level you would never run tracer into Brig ever, rather mirror than play Tracer.

  2. Introduced a “new player friendly Hero, aka very easy to play”, that could shut down some of this games most experienced and hardest training players, who have spent 1000s of hours to be, where they are now (Tracer specilists, Genji Specialist), with no more than 10s of hours played on her.

  3. Enabled one of the most detrimental Meta comps the game have seen, (Goats) and its variants, requiring close to no thinking or skill compared to dive and is easily enabled at all ranks of play. Excluding more than 50% of the hero roster and invalidating every single DPS, which leads to an invalidation of the highest part of the playerbase, the DPS mains. Disables all high skill curve heroes and is seen played at many levels of play with succes.

  4. Is a character that has no real comps you can´t find in. The only counter she really has is Pharah, cause of her range and aerial movement, but because of points and close quarters being very much a thing in Overwatch. It is not impossible to easily play around a Pharah and still have Brig

  5. Is a character with a generally agreed upon lowest skill curves, skill floors and skill ceilings. Meaning, that she is easy to learn, easy to master and has few advanced techniques to learn.

  6. Has one of the highest steady win rates the game has seen (55-59%) being a by far higher than around the balanced 50% a character should aim to be around. Anything considered above 52-53 is massively op as far as i am aware in games like League of Legends. Most importantly she isn´t a hero you instantly swap off with like Symmetra was, that gave symmetra her very unique and incorrect 70-80% winrate, cause of the amount of time you had to play a hero for it to record it as a win or lose on said hero.


Hey, support main here, i hate brigitte and i hope she gets nerfed to trash tier so hard she is deleted.
I hate her, all my friends hate her. And every brig nerf makes me feel happier


If always felt that Brigitte is more countered by supports then anything else, toss a anti nade next to her she is death, Moira orbs / ult going thru her barrier, Zen discord and right click deletes her shield quite fast, like every support has something strong against Brigitte except Mercy, ofcourse that can work both ways, anyway if you want a feeling of how bad it feels to play Brigitte at times just go play Brigitte in DM on Dorado against nothing but Widow / ashe / Hanzo players you quickly get a taste of what frustation feels like when playing Brigitte, however there is non of that outside of dm because highground is not abused at all in a normal game almost feels like players forgot about it, while most maps just lack high ground, and i honestly think this is why Brigitte is’t strugling against Hanzo / Widow / Ashe etc.


I 100% Agree with this as a Brigitte main.