The #DELETEBRIG problem and why Overwatch is in great danger because of that


Hey, support main here, i hate brigitte and i hope she gets nerfed to trash tier so hard she is deleted.
I hate her, all my friends hate her. And every brig nerf makes me feel happier


If always felt that Brigitte is more countered by supports then anything else, toss a anti nade next to her she is death, Moira orbs / ult going thru her barrier, Zen discord and right click deletes her shield quite fast, like every support has something strong against Brigitte except Mercy, ofcourse that can work both ways, anyway if you want a feeling of how bad it feels to play Brigitte at times just go play Brigitte in DM on Dorado against nothing but Widow / ashe / Hanzo players you quickly get a taste of what frustation feels like when playing Brigitte, however there is non of that outside of dm because highground is not abused at all in a normal game almost feels like players forgot about it, while most maps just lack high ground, and i honestly think this is why Brigitte is’t strugling against Hanzo / Widow / Ashe etc.


I 100% Agree with this as a Brigitte main.


Agree with you… Tracer main here, since day 1… I never had one single problem with Brig…
I do have a problem with Doomfist… I hate the guy with a passion… #Deletedoomfist lol… But serious… i feel bad for the Brig mains… This is just too much…

And the reaper thing doesnt make it any better…


not true…

there are other heroes


Yay! Brigitte’s ultimate is now just a garbage version of lucio’s which is actually good! The dev team really know how to make an original character and have its ultimate totally not be a copy of a pre existing hero with like 2 setting switches turned off.


Maining brig is nothing to be ashamed for I main bastion :smiley: :blush:

510 Players Found who did this rename stupidity they should be feeling bad not being able to counter brig

Brigs shield bash should be restored to as it was.


This is a competitive game and to keep it fair and balanced the skill-required-to-reward-ratio between heroes should be as even as possible.
Brigitte is an excellent example of this going as wrong as it possibly could. It takes extremely little effort and skill to get a ton of reward out of the character.

She’s not alone in this of course. Many heroes in this game are like that to some degree because Blizzard tries to design games where they can fulfill the “everyone is a winner” mentality.

It only creates problems with matchmaking when people climb with easy heroes then decide to play one that requires a lot more skill at the rank they’ve climbed to.
It’s also frustrating to lose to somebody not because they’re good but because their hero is almost impossible to make mistakes with.

Not to mention, when you have a hero that so easily reaches their full potential with such a small chance of making mistakes that hero will undeniably be either too strong or too weak.

With all that being said I think it’s obvious that, to me at least, in order to properly fix a hero like Brigitte she’d need a rework that would increase her skill-ceiling and reward skill and punish mistakes/bad plays.
And since you mentioned Doomfist, I think, as somebody who has many hours on him, that this is true for him as well.


Title makes me think I’m getting click bated by stylosa or something


keep the brigitte nerfs coming i’d say, she adds no value to the game whatsoever


I know it’ll never happen but sometimes wonder what would have happened if Blizzard one day did decide to delete her with a short “sorry about that” announcement. Would they really take much bad press for it considering how most of the community already hates her?