The life of a Hanzo main (avg dmg/elims)


Season 14 is out, Hanzo rework went live 8 months ago but he’s still getting all the hate he can.
Well… at least in gold/plat.

Can anyone tell me what is the average amount of eliminations and damage per 10 minutes that is accetable for plat Hanzo?
(I know that killing the right targets is the most important thing)
My win ratio as Hanzo is 46%, usually playing well but still losing a lot
and getting even more hate when I’m not playing with friends.
Trying to figure out what’s the issue.
(Oh, I wouldn’t count acc in a game with infinite ammo + no reloads for some characters.)


Probably using sonic badly, probably using storm arrows badly, probably using your ultimate badly… Hanzo is very strong right now you should have a better winrate


I’m using sonic to get the advantage on the corners and to use ult trough the wall if needed.
(or to simply give info to teammates)
Storm for tanks, shields, annoying Tracers/Genjis/Pharas, spam choke points.
Ult to split the team, kill someone who needs to be dead, combo with Zarya, block the payload/point.


Plat hanzo??? You mean plat dps player.
You should compare with all dps doing the same job as hanzo.
So hanzo is damage dps that, if you are good enough can protect the backline against flankers as needed. But if not you are a main damage dealer.
On my account where i am low plat on my highest damage deal dps i am around 16k/damage/10 minutes. So mid is like 17k i guess??


Yes, plat Hanzo because EVERY hero is different.
Hanzo doesn’t have the same role in a team as Soldier for example.
He can do a lot of dmg but average 17k/10min sounds like focusing tanks with healers still alive.


Hanzo is pretty strong, dare i say overpowered right now. Go for one-shots.


The problem with Hanzo players that I personally have (and this extends to Widow players as well) is they seem to forget that there is an objective to play and instead think it’s all about getting kills so never get to the objective. Some do, but unfortunately most don’t.

If you play the objective and help the team I don’t care if you play Ash, or Even Torb. At least your helping. Bonus points if you can see it’s not working or see a weak spot (Like no Anti-Air) and switch,


its not hanzo/widow job to contest objectives… its the job of the tanks… unless they are all dead and the enemy has no players THEN and only then they should touch the point


The problem is most widow/Hanzo players is they have an allergic reaction to the objective


Cosmos already said that it’s not their job. Their job is getting kills.
Hanzo can contest the point in certain situations but Widow shouldn’t touch the objective

unless they are all dead and the enemy has no players THEN and only then they should touch the point

If you see a Widowmaker on point it means:
A) she’s bad
B) it’s the best position for her at the moment
C) it’s Kenzo or someone else you don’t want to see on the enemy team lul


Yes but they can get kills, on the point