The new matchmaking system is unbearable


While the forced 2-2-2 is a good thing, the way the new matchmaking matches different skill levels in the same team is unbearable.
Expecting a game composed with 1 diamond, 3 golds and 2 platinums to be enjoyable is quite frankly ridiculous and idk what got into the mind of game designers.

I am a high-plat/low-diamond tank and after the new matchmaking system most of the time I end up with diamond healers and gold damage dealers.


Most of the time the dds have no idea about positioning, they just stagger themselves with the most disparate hero picks and having no awareness at all of the game.

That is really frustrating and I am considering stopping playing Overwatch, few of my irl friends already stopped for that reason. Unfortunately we are all tanks/healers player and none of us likes to play damage dealer, all playing since the launch of the game.

Of course you can still grind and get back on top and win those games, I am not whining about loosing. Simply playing yolo-queue is not fun anymore due to being matched with people with wide different skill level that plays considerably differently from you.

Of course that is my (and friends of mine) point of view. I’d like to ask other if you feel the same way and if the OW devs are aware of this unlucky situation.

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