The Nexus Forge - Recruiting YOU now!

=> Discord Tag: Please add [ Jackster#7513 ] on Discord <3

Well met stranger, and thank you for stumbling onto my post. My name is Jackster and I’m the founder of The Nexus Forge.

What’s your community about?

Our community is made up of gamers and aspiring creators from all over the globe, we are looking for fun, like-minded positive members to become apart of our growing family.

We have community events from Cards against Humanity to Karaoke that our wonderful event staff host every so often, we’re looking at creating teams for all the games that we support including Overwatch :slight_smile:

Our community boasts both casual and competitive players ranging in ranks and skill levels that you could group up with to push that payload and capture that objective!

What are your requirements?

The only requirements to join us are to bring a positive attitude and a love for all things gaming.

We ACCEPT any region.

How do I join?

To join our family all you need to do is click on the discord link at the top of this post if no link is present contact myself via my discord tag :slight_smile:

For any Inquires please message Jackster (myself) on Discord.

Nice community, with people that are fun to play with!

We’re hoping to expand our console side with more awesome players in the future <3 please do hop in our discord :slight_smile:

We’re organizing a tournament for our community right now for the upcoming weeks / months, check it out!

We’re now forming competitive teams!
Lets do thissss!

Come join us for more information!

We’re starting with coaching roles within our community, not only can you play with great peeps, but also get helpful advice!

Hello didn’t see your message until now :slight_smile: can i ask what you needed?

i was just wondering about the discord and the group

New people joining all the time! Come and join and play with others or chat to the community for tips!

Come join! Need some more console players in the mix :smiley:

Indeed, once we have more console players we can start making competitive teams

we’re getting there :slight_smile:

Community is still growing! Come and find a group :slight_smile:

Lol this is Nacho-server if you don’t want to find fun people to play with!

We like Nachos in our server :smiley: it’s why we have nachoman xD

Wait no… I didn’t mean… Nacho kinda like “not your” hue, pls jackster

Friendly environment <3 looking for more members to join our ranks today!

TnF 2.0 Has landed!