The Problem of Smurfs and What To Do


First, let us look at why people smurf.

    This needs no explanation. People who have time and money aplenty may smurf or downrank in order to interfere with or enjoy reactions of those in separate ranks. In te case of Diamond, as an example, a level 25 in this category may enjoy the reactions of gold-portraited users with hundreds of hours, compared to their alt, which has maybe 10.

    Some smurfs or DRs (downrankers) wish to practice new heroes in competitive without causing a nuisance to those who are maining and working hard at a specific one, in their own rank. I am friends with a few such players off of the game. These people respect those in their usual rank and mean no harm in what they do - usually.

    Sometimes, smurfs and DRs have friends in the lower ranks who struggle with the game and being stuck in their rank. Often, players deserve their rank, especially lower down. Sometimes, they do not. This is unfair to the enemy, but is often disregarded.

  4. THE MMR
    Note that I don’t have the best understanding here. I am given to believe that the MMR, especially in a player’s early or lower days, bases your current SR from Quickplay matches, personal performance, and last season’s score. People appear to dislike this as it does not allow for them to improve- or it is very slow to do- and QP is often referred to as “cancer play”. People smurf as a way of resetting the MMR to get where they feel they belong.

Now, how can we combat this?
The solution I would like to propose is an MMR reset. Every X months - let us use 3 as an example here - a player can go into settings and click “Reset MMR”. They will then receive a prompt asking them if they are sure.
But won’t players abuse this to get a rank they don’t deserve?
Technically, yes. Though this would be corrected swiftly if they continue to play competitive, this is partly why I suggest a 3 month cooldown. This can also be combatted by forcing the player to do one of the following:
-Play a number of QP matches, let’s say 15 as an example, before reentering comp.
-Play extra placements (let’s use 20 as an example, instead of 10) with heavier emphasis on personal and team performance.
But smurfs will still smurf with this!
How? They will still face people similar to what their performance has judged them to be, but let’s say you are right. Portraits include levels and endorsements. Have another, smaller circle displaying how many times the player has MMRR (MMR Reset), and their profile - even if private, can display how recently and their previous score, just how it would with the portraits.
Or, show how recently the account was created.

Jeff just wants their money!
Similar to how you can buy lootboxes, make it possible to buy MMRRs. Similarly to how you can earn them, make it possible to do the same, but difficult.

How does this fix anything?
Long time players stuck in low ranks can MMRR instead of using a smurf friend. It can also, in a way, help with those who just want to play new characters.


They’re never going to ban smurfs, literally. Even though they disrupt ranks, they get a pass unlike boosted people. Even though the output is the exact same thing. I think Blizzard just cares more about the reasoning behind it


This isn’t to ban smurfs, this is giving smurfs less of a reason to do it.


While you make some decent points, I think that this will just create bigger problems. The majority of low elo players who think the MMR keeps them down will abuse this, and that will cause the entire system to go out of whack, just like hard resetting MMR.

MMR is, as far as we can tell, not based on qp after the first placements you do. Henceforth they’re based on your SR as is, and can fluctuate depending on how quickly you climb or fall, and how often you play. It calibrates by placing your against progressively harder opponents (or weaker if you’re falling) and this is generally how it is determined.

They reset MMR in season 3 and it was an absolute mess, which is why they don’t do it anymore. Buying MMR would literally be boosting, and the last thing I want is plats that bought MMR ruining my games, I’d rather go up against a GM smurf.


You misunderstand. MMR would not be buyable. MMRR (MMR Resets) would be. Personally I don’t want them to be, but it was to prevent the “jeff wants money” comments.


1: you cant do anything against people who want to troll, except creating a good hard ban system. Changing MMR would not fix this

2: Account based SR, and not hero based is the problem here. And we probably see a fix for this in the next couple of months. Since even jeff thinks this is bad, since the matchmaker will not work properly for this either. So when you have a hero based SR then you dont have to downrank or buy a new account to practise another hero.
3: Carrying or boosting is bad. It gives a player a higher SR then he should be. So when playing alone he would loose lots of matches, destroying games for others. And probably will destroy the game for himself too, since he will loose most matches if he doesn’t play with his friend.
On the other hand; if you create another comp mode for 6 stacks only you could make it so that their aren’t any rank restrictions. Friends could play together there. And since it is a group not created by the players, all agree to having a bronze player in your party.
4.The slow change of players being ranked wrong in the first 10 matches is indeed a problem(or players who downranked or got boosted/carried). But could be fixed if they could compare certain stats/points gathered during a match with other players playing the same hero over the same time. And then change the +SR, -SR bonus depending on the difference. So a player playing genji in bronze getting the same stats(per x minutes) as a diamond genji will get 20 SR for the win + 200 SR bonus, after a win. He will be in the rank he belongs to much faster. Destroying a lot less games.

Problem with a complete MMR reset will be that every 3 months you have players who are no where near the rank they should be. Creating lots of games what are balanced complete wrong. So that one team easy steamrolls the enemy team.
So a lot more bad games. So every game you will you get a game that steamrolls the opponent. So next to a x chance you will loose because of a leaver you will also have a chance you will loose because of a none balanced fight.

The only problem with MMR at the moment is that it probably uses all data, since you start playing. So when you start in season 1 he already has like a few 100 matches. So when you learn last season what you did wrong, played a lot better this season and got much higher stats. These stats will almost not change your average. Like 5 + 5 + 5+ 9 and your average = 6. having 100*5 +9 = 5.04 and you first need lots of 9('s) before you also have that 6 average. So for a player that played since season 1 it takes a lot longer to change your MMR.
But you dont need a MMR reset to fix this, just a change that it only uses the data of the last few seasons.


Honestly not sure what you’re getting at here, to be honest.


Sorry but stuff you wrote is wrong from many reasons, i get it you want to make ow better and try to solve problems but in order to do that you need better understanding how matchmaker and mmr is working. Buying mmr rest would have horrible effects on ow competitive.


Instead of saying “that’s wrong”, you could explain why.


For example mmr reset, people would be highly abusing that to place very low in ranks to smurf there much more easy than now, or to boosting others. Whole logic behind the reset is wrong. If you would reset, it would be as your first ever placement again. And its pretty much luck based sadly. Too random, outcome is mainly decided by number of won games, not by performance.

The sr/mmr reset is just argument of people who think they are stuck in their elo because of others or from what ever different reason. Bs like rigged matchmaking or forced losing which is laughable. Even if you would have chance to reset, your mmr would be same after some games. Everyone is where they belong by the combination of their social/mechanical/game sense skill.

Yes some people are truly not exactly where they belong but its because climbing is grinding games and it need time. If someone is playing bellow his mmr, he will be placed higher after next placement period. Or opposite way if he had lower mmr than SR.

I am curious, what is your rank?


This is neither about me nor due to my own experiences, thus my rank is of no significance. I enjoy the climb and have no issues with being in Bronze.


Oh it does because you have experience only from 1 or 2 ranks when there is 8 ranks.


Bearing in mind most players are plat anf below, and I’ve been in bronze, silver, and gold… plus, who is to say I don’t have a smurf?

I don’t, but a fun thought experiment. Thanks for playing.


Id honestly rather just have overwatch accounts be tied to your pc, or even just have prime matchmaking somehow, attach a phone number that can only be used once for a battlenet account, just barriers to combat it, it works well enough in csgo.

Oh and the other thing would be to stop putting this game on sale every time jeff wakes up in the morning.