There is no way plat players are real

I have met the absolute dumbest people in plat, I have no clue how these people are not bronze. Especially you main tank players, do you just play without headphones?
I swear to god these people do not have basic human functions.

Sounds like a massive generalisation + stop blaming others for your failures.

yes its a generalisation lmao, not my failure if my main tank does not press W when I get 2 picks.

Ah. I see. 2 picks. Big play.

Sarcasm aside, I am not going to judge gameplay I haven’t seen. Those 2 picks might of just been DPS, so potentially, not the best targets (for example).

But this “attitude” isn’t healthy, blaming your team isn’t going to help. If you are consistently getting 2+ picks every fight, in every game, you’ll be fine.

Well, you just meet the boosted people XD

There are also passive pacifists, and your general lazy people who are waiting to get carried.

I’d love to meet someone who go boosted to plat.

What would be the actual point. If you’re going to boost, do it properly.

2 picks = push in, how do you not know this.
why would we not push in when trying to capture the point


In theory, yes it does.

But without the context of seeing the actual fight/match. You are just talking theories.

  • Are you playing in a random death match style…
  • Were the 2 picks systematic elims following a coordinated rotation to take map control
  • who did you pick
  • did you lose team mates/trade.

I could go on.

I will copy some text from a 4.3k player who’s trying to coach someone in a discord community I’m in (he student isn’t getting his head round things)

"You ask how to fix your mistakes:

Step 1: stop worrying about your team mates and start worrying about your gameplay

There you go"

As I said, if you are getting 2 picks every fight, in every match. You don’t need to worry about the odd passive team mate and game that doesn’t go to plan. You’ll be winning more matches than you lose any way. Don’t worry so much about what others are doing.

bro its not that complicated, lmfao
if i kill a support and a dps that means we push
youre gold not a 4.3k player


But who is left on your team. If you’ve lost 3 you probably need to back off.

Context is everything when talking about game play.

Also, blaming your team is a low brow move.

You did, you just don’t know it.

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Who? You?

I know people who boost accounts. It’s almost always mid to high diamond players (usually support players on a specific beam based hero) who are stuck, asking to be boosted to master or GM.

Now that’s wrong. You’re supposed to stand and have a dance once you pick off 2 people, you never push.

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Sounds like the real question should be how you are not bronze rather than the tanks seeing as you blame not using headphones wich is a second optional way of communication not the main way of communication. Have fun dropping cause there is no way you make it there with a simple minded mindset like that if you think everything circles around your prefered playstyle and wont adapt to your team

Plat rank have a million elo boosters and elo boosted accounts that don’t want to play their real rank.

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That just isn’t true though.

Wouldn’t surprise me really considering WoW has many boosted accounts as well.

If you play in plat you’ll know it isn’t true.

You’ll find noticeably more “boosted” players on the high reaches of diamond and into master

you’re being toxic.

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