These forums in a nutshell



It’s probably for the best. :skull_and_crossbones:


we still cant post words with c+k in it!
this is absurd!

wrac+king ball, hac+ked, stoc+kholm, clic+k, stac+k, trac+k, smac+k,slac+k och and :stuc+k_out_tongue: <-- YES THEY EVEN BANNED THEIR OWN EMOJIS!

I think blizzard is banning language period and all they do when you complain is de-list the thread and stic+k their head in the sand.

obviously they are more interested in covering their %#¤ then actually fixing an obviously absurd problem they created!


blizzard isn’t willing to admit they make mistakes, like the character that’s in your avatar. That’s why they aren’t willing to do the mind-blowingly obvious thing and take ten seconds to remove them.


Snowflakes just keeps raining