This reaper buff is way too much


She is really not. Reaper is not a must pick either. Get that right.


Unless of course your entire team picks heroes that can deal a lot of damage from far away, such as pharah, widowmaker, a good hanzo, (ana), bastion, soldier. but the problem is that, while these heroes can deal a lot of damage from far away, when your teammate picks a tank, and reaper is busy with killing that tank, it’s hard to outdamage his healing.


As I’ve said many times before - tanks are supposed to work with the team. Team effort kills Reaper, same with Roadhog who can get out of control if the enemy tries to 1v1 him all the time.


While Reaper is not an absolute must pick, he does have a very strong kit that is hard to deal with in the right situations. Your team is not going to work like a buttery smooth machine every single team fight. remember, the enemy reaper also has a team. He can very effectively make use of the chaos and pick his kills. It’s not always a case of bad teamwork or bad play as a tank, it can also often be a case of smart reaper play that turns out (disproportionately) effective.


The reality is that, not all team work with the tank. You WANT to have people behind your shield but they DON’T!


Yup, fully aware of that, hence why I try my best to not play shield tanks in lower ranks.


With this the “work together” arguments become invalid.


It doesn’t, because people do work together where it matters. If the game was balanced around 1v1 deathmatch it’d be pretty different I imagine.


I personally get used to Reaper and with enough coordination he can be countered.
Though i still believe that 50% whatever the ability or the game is always too big.
Pretty sure he will be still good with 30% and less oppressing for everyone.


Well I mean Ana is a great counter so is mei his like bash at this point u just have to jump him


Why Do OWL Pros Don’t Play Reaper? | Overwatch Pros Explain ft. TviQ - Florida Mayhem

watch this video on youtube and please stop this nonsense you’re spouting…