This reaper buff is way too much


I can pick the tank players and the dps players out of this
post. if you are a tank main, you would be hella negative about this buff. if you were a dps players you would wonder why everyone was crying about a buff that you wont experience to the full extend. I have a hate at reaper for such a long time because I play a crap load of tank, especialy in competitive.


I’m sorry but your career overview says otherwise. You’re not a tank main. you’re a widow main. and you’re just salty af that reaper gets you from behind every time you’re trying to get a sick 360 noscope headshot. Also, if you’re playing rein, and you seriously try to out-dps a reaper, i dont know what you think you’re doing.


You know these stats are incorrect… I play more comp than quick play, and yes I play widow the most in quick play, but winston, reinhard and zarya are still my most played heroes if we look at competitive


Also, as a hog main, I should be way more scared about this reaper buff than you are. And yet i’m not. I mean, reaper is literally roadhog’s main counter, besides bastion. Although I do have to admit that Winston is worse against a reaper.

edit: I opened up my profile so that you can see my stats as well.


Roadhog has self heal and damage reduction with 1 ability, winston has a bubble, with 30% lifesteal it was still posible to 1v1 him but with 50% it turns to the impossible


you mean, that self heal is great free ult charge for reaper? If i miss my hook i’m dead.


I welcome the buff. Ever since Brig was released Reaper became useless… and he wasn’t good before that. I used to main him, but haven’t since then. It looks as though now, he may actually be a viable pick in some instances. Instances where he isn’t countered by one or more of the many, many, many, many, many counters that he has.

Reaper is either Hero or Zero. He’ll carry or throw, depending on how the opposing team deal, or don’t deal with him.


the pig. must. die.

lmao. great patch.
tanks have been OP for a long time.


Tanks may have been meta for some time, but is it even a reason to totally break the knees of the tanks ? Okay, that balance makes the 4 tanks comp not viable anymore, why not, so the 3 tanks isn’t viable neither, sure, but the 2 tanks and solo tanking isn’t viable anymore, except if you have that Widow babysitting you, headshoting the Reaper when he comes close, assuming that there’s nothing to protect him.
Sure if you’re a Reaper main, usually go for dps 6 stack or don’t know how to deal with tank you’re happy, otherwise you see that there’s a little problem.


I’would have been happy with a little Take a Breather nerf, but whatever. this works too.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Reaper is the only hero that is only countered by DPS, and since DPS is a low-skill role, most DPS mains do not have the awareness needed at their level to help out their team mates in the back line or even their tanks.


Not really.
To put it lightly, just a reminder, Reaper ALREADY HAD a 30% life leech before the patch so the chances are, that if you are someone that thinks Reaper is a problem now, you really had problems countering Reaper BEFORE the patch.

He is still countered the same, he doesnt do more damage and he is not “faster” or shoots more pellets etc … apply the same counters and thats it.


Yeeah have you noticed, people complaining after the patch are tank players, and how fun, people who had problems with Reaper before were tank players too !
Simply because he was totally able to do his tank busting job and sure, there’s no damage/speed/pellets buff but with that 50% of health steal is just a huge survivability buff.


Yes but it just feels much better killing someone with a random proj, and he just moves much faster then a widow or an ashe when they are sniping thanks to his jump ability or wallclimp detach shooting. I know hit scan will be better to a degree but his projes after the speed buffs feel better then hit scans at a sertan range.


Spoiler, its still goats meta, they just remove Brig for a Sombra from time to time to counter any starts that coutner them. Bastion, Sym, Orisa lose to just a sombra pick, A hacked reaper might as well be dead since he cant escape anymore not to mention sombra stoping his ult as well.
You must be insane if you think tanks are weak because they tank 2 more dmg from armor, and lets not forget that armor isnt 100% of there hp, it just makes fighting tanks who are getting spamm healed by 3 aoe healers feel much better thanks to how old armor use to stack with healing.
And what about the other tanks that just didnt see any play like hoggy and wreaking ball? Even after they buffed hog no one picked him, yet his a tank buster. Just showed how much power goats had and how easie it was to cripple everything else, like at worse goats just swapped brig for something to fully stop there counters.


“Just stay out of his range 4head lol I’m so hilarious.”

Legit, the best way to counter the new Reaper is to not play Tanks.

Get him down to 18 health? Too bad, he point-blank shot Roadhog/Wrecking Ball twice and is now at 218 hp. Because screw you.

(I won’t talk about what he can do with a Mercy in his pocket because the mere thought makes me weep for Tank players. They don’t deserve any of this.)


Do you honestly believe that the team with no tanks will do better?


“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

That’s the new meta regarding Tanks.

Play Tanks; Reaper, Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat and Pharah will tear you a new hole to scream out of (probably with a Discord Orb to speed it up), and after two matches you’ll need it.

Don’t play Tanks: your whole team gets destroyed by a pro/smurf Widowmaker because they haven’t got a shield to stand behind.

There is no victory for Tank players here. No more honour, no more glory, just tears of agony and regret.


How so, please do tell and you might as well wanna share the stats on that.

Other then Hanzo rest of the heros are easie to cripple.


Yeah. Having played a few games now, Reapers buff doesn’t seem to have done all that much. Still same as before - a very niche pick. Catch the opposing team off-guard and POG. Otherwise he’s useless.