This reaper buff is way too much


I am scared it does, tanks won’t do anything. they will be teddy bears because of the armour reduction buff


If stats show that tanks are bad, then they will buff them (kinda obvious). The meta tanks aren’t meta because Armor blocked 2 more damage.


Thats pretty much it.
The job he does “good” (because he is not the best, by far) he is going to do it “better” now but the real implications are : In 100 scenarios where reaper would die, now instead of dying in 78 out of 100, he is going to die on maybe … 65 out of 100.

Thats it.


You gave away that “thats it” way too quickly, You prob don’t play main tank, if you do you would have the same issues with the buff as we do


This helps out 50% of the tank mains as well. You know the tanks that no one picked because the other once just performed much better?


Why would you throw away that without even inspecting my profile dude …
… yeah i am a flex player so 50% of the times i play tank. I know what im talking about. I was a Reaper main before the reset and i also know A LOT about Reaper.

He was a problem for tanks, obviously and now … sure he still is. Nothing really changed. If he gets the jump on you, you are likely going to die. Thats it.

You can read into the “thats it” as much as you want but, Reaper is not 2x or 3x more dangerous now than before the patch, pretending it is would be literally overexaggerating or straight up lying.


What game do you play that your tanks can just yolo out leaving your team completely exposed to said Reaper? Pro-tips by pro-players.


It was just speculating in 1 on 1. Overwatch is team based game and even if Reaper would have 100% hp drain it wouldn’t compansate him from being insta nuked by sniper or by team composition.


Okay right, after that babyrage of mine I can admit what I said was most likely in the heat of the moment. After playing this patch a little further I’ve started playing Mccree a lot more. Since my aim isn’t terrible I can deal with reaper, when he starts ulting I flash him, right click and most of the time I will kill him. I apologise for how I opened this post and acted out of frustration, I should of been less biased and little more in depth so people could get an insight to what I actually meant.
Put it short, I used to main characters that were countered by reaper, such as Hog and Doomfist, however I guess I’m going to have to adapt if I want to see a better outcome and climb the ranks.
Whenever I pick DPS now, I’m mainly going with a MccReaper type composition.


Just as an upside, hog and doomfist are better this patch as well. They might have gotten worse vs reaper but over all they are better.


pack it up guys this guy has all the answers. I say we buff reaper even more because STUNS exist right? Just flash him while he is nanoed and bubbled and armored.


Woah, yeah lets have a 1 hero that will stop hero X when his nano, drumm’d, pockete’d by a mercy, speed’d by lucio, has Zarya bubble, Brig armor and ult, A dva with def matrix and the other team are shatter’d by rine and in mai’s ult.

And its funny even in your example it can be stop’d by a Dva def matrix (2 sec long so that his Zarya bubble ends) and then just CC him… or at lets waste a shatter on em since they are wasting nano reaper ult. And in that case they traded 2 ults + Zarya bubble + Armor for 1 ult and dva’s def matrix… Yep reaper sure is unstoppable. Better make it so that no one wants to play him. And its even more funny how it takes 2 tanks to stop that 4 hero combo as well. Because tanks are weak and unplayable am i right?

And hay, just use Sombras Emp… one hero one ult vs all that. But i guess its much easier calling something broken and crying for nerfs.


So now, tell me. According to your logic, even a babysitted Reaper isn’t able to do any kills with his ult, even after that patch, so it was even worse before. Is it true that any Reaper in the world never got any single kill with his ult because he got interrupted/killed before ?
Then for the defense matrix, may you know that it has 2s of use, takes 3x more to reload and now has a 2s cooldown between 2 uses, if the Reaper is a bit smart, he knows when to ult instead of jumping in the middle of the matrix.
Finally what you say at the end doesn’t make any sense, you make irony like “the tanks are weak blblblbl” but 1) protecting their team is their role, and that includes protection from enemy ults and 2) you told it yourself just after, there are dps (and even supports) who do this job better than them.


Here’s the deal:
As a (once closet) Reaper main, it was a bit too much and frankly… lazy just to buff the leech from 30% to 50%. 30% was good if you knew how to abuse it enough.

Primarly what i wanted was a redesign of his abilities and how they work. For example:

  • Teleport can be used while in Wraith.
  • He’s allowed to fly while in Wraith like in the cinematics, and teleport is redesigned to a new ability. Like a AoE smokebomb that functions like Zarya’s Grav, preventing all movement abilities
  • Teleport is redesigned to be a shorter teleport, but almost instant.
  • Reaper is allowed to shoot and move first when his teleport finishes, instead of being a free kill as he appear.


ok the pro players aren’t picking reaper but what about the other 95% of players


News flash bub… Reapers ult is the most useless ult in the game. Brigitte stun, McCree flash bang stops it instantly.


add to this list: turn reaper into a Wrath when he’s ulting so he cannot get interrupted by flash bang/shield slam or head shot by widow. he should be in ghost form when ulting.
His ult is the most useles ult in the game, giving him ghost form while ulting would make it a lot more useful.


Reaper won’t make a dent in the amount of shields in this game which favour the tank meta. Atm it’s difficult to even call Overwatch a FPS when you have 3 tanks running through the map with shields blocking all ranged damage.


I do like what Blame the Controller suggests in this video at around 6 minutes in:

he suggests to have an accuracy damage modifier… or what ever you call it. I think all heroes should have this that shoot. The first show does… say: 5 damage, the second shot does 10-15-20 etc. up to a maximum amout pr. hero IF you hit the target, as soon as you miss, you lose the buff and the damage goes down to minimum again. this will reward players with high accuracy skill and not completely break lower brackets at the same time. With reaper this won’t be a problem as you are most of the time in people’s faces, but still, I think this damage modifier pr. shot hit is brilliant.


Reaper will get an ulty off, maybe one out of ten, more if there is no team play going or communication in the team.
You just need to dont spamm def matrix and use it when the Zarya uses her bubbles on reaper(in the case reaper gets baby sitted by a Zarya) And Zarya bubbles have more cooldown then dvas 8 sec cd on def matrix.
Sombra takes an ulty to stop that, uses an 8 sec cd. has 95% pro pick rate thanks to her op def matrix, reaper had close to 0% pick rate… even when it was tank meta…
Don’t be spoiled.