This reaper buff is way too much


I think Orisa has a good ability set to combat a Reaper, don’t get me wrong…Maybe the best Tank to go toe-to-toe. But I disagree that Orisa can wreck Reaper. If an Orisa is lucky enough to kill a reaper while using fortify then great.

But when fortify wears off and Reaper is still there then it’s curtains.


Of course, dps can protect their team too, especially against flankers, the sad thing is that during a teamfight or just before, the Reaper just has to come (wraith or supported in order to survive enough time to get close) and poof, the tank is totally disabled, offering 0 protection to its team.
The role of the tank, as its most basic form is to protect teammates using your body and abilities.
Either you try to protect yourself against a “no HP losing” Reaper and waste your abilities or you don’t and you waste your body.
Surely dps have always been the correct way to get rid of a Reaper, but with that buff, he just has to randomly shoot on tanks and dps can’t do their job anymore.
(And to those who’d say that dps just have to kill him while tanks protect themselves, remember that 1)Reaper has abilities too and 2)Reaper has a team and probably supports to keep him alive)


I love like 90% of the comments ignore 2 facts :

  • Reaper ALREADY HAD 30% life leech before this patch and still was trash
  • Like always, the “patch hype” will make you see more Reapers. It will end in 2 weeks when all the wanna be “Just press W and M1 LUL” get ultra destroyed and actually climb 0 SR.

PS: He doesnt do more damage nor walks faster nor has a viable E skill, he is STILL countered the same way.


the game isn’t designed for less than 5% of people, its balanced around the 5% of people, if it wasn’t balanced around that the game wouldn’t even be in existence.


I think I’m part of that 90% so I have to agree, at 30% life steal Reaper is fairly inaffective especially at higher rank. I think Reaper needed a patch and it was the right thing to do, but what I’m disagreeing with is the 50% life steal. It’s a drastic increase and his counters now have a much harder time contesting with him, it’s no longer balanced.

I really hope the hype dies down like you say, but I’d rather it gets worked on than hoping less people pick him.


Not true at all. Rhein can still rotate his shield to face the reaper or charge him point-blank or earthshatter. Orisa can put a shield up, pull him away with graviton pulse and/or use defensive stance thingy, which means is he on 10% regen when shooting me. (I’ve soloed a few new reapers already as a tank)
Diva can DM and/or Boost away. RoadHog can hook, and his breather reduces incoming damage by 50% so also reduces Reaper’s life-steal (if someone else is shooting him). Zarya not only doesn’t have a particularly large hit box, but shield + particle cannon to the head is a rather effective counter to reaper.

So, yes reaper is good at killing tanks… that is his job, if he didn’t have the advantage vs tanks, he’d be useless! Does this make him one of the better 1v1 heros? Sure but this isn’t a 1v1 game.

Then stop trying to use sustained damage, use burst damage + stuns. All these aggressive reaper plays you keep talking about only work if no-one attempts to cc the reaper or force him away from a target. His regen only really reaches extreme levels during Death Blossom or if hes literally in a tank’s face landing nothing but headshots. If hes 10’ away, I can kill him 1v1 with Orisa with no shields or defensive stance. Just need to land solid shots on him.

And the role of the anti-tank is to stop tanks from doing that…

Then your DPS suck, really. A good Mei who hangs with the tanks is a Reaper’s worst nightmare. Mcree, Ashe, Widow, Hanzo, Soldier, Junk Rat, Pharah and several others can already counter Reaper effectively.

I’d tend to disagree, this counters before where too hard, I don’t think we should have too many situations in this game where just because one character is picked it rendered another completely obsolete, which is what tended to happen with Reaper.


Honestly, that’s exactly how Tanks feel now with Reaper on the other team. They are obsolete vs. his damage and life steal. But like I said, I do think Reaper was in an awful place and he needed working, but making him overpowered isn’t the right choice. Especially when the buff is to his damage and passive ability rather than giving him abilities to counter tanks.

If you think about what a counter is, more often than not it’s about abilities. To counter a tracer you need a flashbang or a hook, to counter a Bastion you need defense matrix or Bio grenade. In case where the primary fire is important (Mei’s Ice spray and Bastion’s turret fire as examples) the hero is given disadvantages such as lack of movement which means they can be countered better.

Reaper’s passive is always working, if they want him to be a tank buster make the life steal exclusively against tank heroes. Then his counters are much more likely to succeed against him.


I said it once and I will say it again, Git Gud with Tank.


How many times will it take to people to understand that abilities have cooldowns -.-
And sad that I have to repeat myself but Reaper has been given that fantastic gift called “legs” so shields don’t block him forever…
Again I repeat myself, DM and Take a breather last 2sec, so it doesn’t change anything and Zarya’s bubbles are broken in 1 shot so same.
Still again and again, the real problem is not a vanilla Reaper but a supported Reaper so yeah it’s not a 1v1 game thanks, I guess tank players get that…
It’s hard to see that people come to talk with not even half of the informations.
And lmao ? Git gud with tanks ? Try to play something else than Mei or Torbjorn… being a tank isn’t always easy especially when you have no support and it gets even more unplayable because of that buff.


And how many times one must be reminded that almost every tank can escape him? Only two ones that can’t escape him (Roadhog, Orissa) posses necessary skill that can finish Reaper even with Big armor on…


Cooldown and Rein can’t escape that easily,Zarya neither, and the fleeing abilities are the engage abilities so again for the 1000000000th time:
Reaper’s left click doesn’t have any.


Rein can bait Reaper into his charge though. And maximum charge + bubble makes Reaper sad.


So one character needs 3 players full focus plus one ult? Then what after he respawns, Ana’s ult is on CD and Zarya has had to use bubble on a healer?


If you are good in character you will wreck him alone without Ult.


Stop trolling, you look like a fool and it’s boring to read.


I mean, while their “git gud” theory is honestly, truly groundbreaking it’s like telling someone with depression to “try not to think about it”. By that I mean it solves no problems and is really easy to discredit from a discussion.

I agree with what people are saying and still think Reaper is broken. He currently has around 60% win rate at grandmaster level in competitive from this week alone (check out overbuff) so how can Blizzard balance the changes?


Dude, are you f’ing kidding, “just get gud 4Head” isn’t a good comment, support your comment with arguments or don’t post at all.


Rolf you really need to give up the ghost, youre clearly loving playing this OP char. I was the same with Brig but i had the minerals to admit she was OP.


Want arguments ok. Previously Rein had better armor bonus and Reaper had less life steal. However you still can escape him using the charge. You can bait him into atack and charge on him (the end) if you miss you will suffer 2 not full damage shots but if you bait him to use wraith form you are already safe. Since Reaper must be close to you after some practice you will land charges on him. Roadhog - Learn hook, headshot combo. If it is to hard try to learn in quick succesion shoot, hook, shoot, melee - because of alternate fire you have less spread than reaper in certain distance. If you master combo of Roadhog you wouldn’t be afraid of even of Reaper with Rally armor on him. Orisa - Use Fortifyi, it will mostly likely trigger a moment reaper would use wraith form - lead him to place when you can score enviromental kill with halt. If Reaper is stupid enough to think he can take you with fortify than you will most likely turn him into piece of chopped meat (unless your aim is garbage). In Winston and Hamond case run away (As Hammond you can try to score enviromental kill playing wreckingball). I not play much as but since you can easly get highround just run away. If Reaper is fool using teleport to get to you it is your chance to strike him down before he appears" Only tank I cannot think of good solution is Zarya but I guess it will be spam your bubble and play defensively


Then your tank players must be really really bad.

Tank main and I don’t in the slightest feel like that.

Reaper’s buff in NO WAY stops your tanks from tanking just as much as before! He does exactly the same damage as before, the only difference is hes slightly harder to kill. Land any stun or immobilise on him or use any shield to prevent his damage and he has zero healing.

Orisa and Zarya can still solo Reaper… So can a good Roadhog. DVA can escape him easily and Rhein can charge him and flatten him. Seriously, hes far less annoying to me as tank than a well played Tracer or Genji.

Remember that he has to get right to point-blank range to be doing max damage, which is very exploitable. Just making sure you have some other players with your tank to support them makes him much much weaker.

The sad fact is, there are SO MANY ways to counter reaper that its a rare team that doesn’t have at least 1 and normally 2+.